Higher education

Future of the university, university of the future

Higher education is undergoing significant transformation in the 21st century

Will our universities survive in 25 years?

Finding the “quality” in quality education continues to be elusive in Bangladesh

Without good teachers, any education reform agenda is futile

The solution to this problem lies in generating more opportunities for the employment of our graduates – at home and abroad.

How privilege unfairly tips the scales for university applications

Being held back in key stages because of factors beyond our control is a demoralising experience.

Study in Japan? Check out Ritumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) started its journey in 2000 and is an AACSB accredited university. Could this be your higher education destination?

education / Financing tertiary education

Every year, after the university admission tests, we find students who score well, but cannot afford their educational expenses, and eventually drop out. Private banks, on the other hand, offer many lucrative loan products for their customers, including education loans.

Editorial / Role of private universities

The private universities have made significant contributions to higher education in Bangladesh. Regrettably, there exists lot of misconception about these.

Invest in intellectual excellence

Intellectual capital should be the corner stone for the socio-economic development of Bangladesh, and the biggest investment that Bangladesh can make in its own future would be to develop excellence in higher education underpinned by a strong science and technology base.

No Jobs for Handicapped! / Frustrated, post-graduate returns all his certificates

A physically challenged man with sound higher education in Lalmonirhat returned all his academic certificates to the government yesterday.

September 10, 2015
September 10, 2015

Universities, not students to pay VAT: Muhith

Finance Minister AMA Muhith says the private university students will not have to pay any VAT.

May 13, 2015
May 13, 2015

Research: Academia's Achilles Heel

The role of research is indispensable for the advancement of any society, especially because things around us are constantly changing.

May 7, 2015
May 7, 2015


YOUR commence-ment speaker deals with the big ideas: follow your passion, serve your community, know thyself.

February 17, 2015
February 17, 2015

Academia's missing middle

THERE is a perplexing problem in Bangladesh's “universities,” especially in the private universities. A significant number of departments of these universities are staffed by faculty members who are of very senior rank (professors).