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  • Halda River

    HC forms committee to protect biodiversity in Halda river

    The High Court forms a committee, headed by the deputy commissioner of Chattogram, in order to protect biodiversity of the Halda river in the district.

  • Halda dolphin

    Writ petition seeks HC directives to protect Halda river dolphins

    A Supreme Court lawyer today filed a writ petition with the High Court seeking its directive on the authorities concerned of the government to immediately take necessary steps to prevent killing Halda river dolphins and to protect them.

  • furnace oil

    Waste oil dumped into water body linked to Halda river

    Untreated furnace oil has been allegedly released to a nearby water body that connects the Halda river from a power plant in Chattogram’s Hathazari upazila.

  • Tank wagons derail, one falls into canal

    Thousands of litres of furnace oil spilled into a canal after three tank wagons of a train carrying the thick liquid derailed in Hathazari upazila yesterday.

  • Oil tanker derails into canal at Chattogram

    A furnace oil-laden tanker derails into a canal in Chattogram’s Hathazari raising concerns over a possible oil spill into the Halda River, the lone source of natural carp breeding in South Asia.

  • Halda River pollution getting worse

    A recent report by the Department of Environment (DoE) states that the discharge of industrial effluents into the Halda River is causing depletion of fish stocks.

  • Govt probe finds; Ctg DoE sits idle for nearly 2yrs

    Big industries killing Halda

    Waste from large factories and a housing estate are polluting the Halda river in Chattogram to the extent that it caused fish die-offs, according to a report of the Department of Environment.

  • Seven of 21 gorges where broodfish lay eggs partially filled up with sandbags

    WDB Embankment on Halda: Carp breeding under threat

    The Water Development Board (WDB) is implementing an embankment project along the Halda river causing severe damage to the natural breeding ground of carp fish.

  • Industrial waste killing Halda fish

    Hundreds of dead fish have been floating in the Halda river near the port city over the last few days following a suspected pollution by factories on its banks.

  • Khondokia Khal

    Factory waste pollutes Halda

    The Halda River, which meanders through south east Bangladesh, is famous for being perhaps the only place in Southeast Asia where the pure Indian carp naturally occurs.

  • Saving Halda's broodfish

    As residents of Uttar Madarsa village in Hathazari upazila settle in for the evening, a group of 30 vigilantes gear up to keep an eye on the Halda River to stop the indiscriminate fishing of broodfish.

  • This could have been avoided

    A study financed by the fisheries and livestock ministry has found that in the last seven years the Halda river has lost 26 of its fish species.

  • Halda losing fish species

    The Halda river, the lone source of natural carp breeding in South Asia, lost 26 of its fish species in the past seven years because of

  • chittagong university

    Missing CU student’s body retrieved from Halda River

    The body of a missing Chittagong University student is recovered from the Halda River in Nangalmora, Hathazari this morning after he had gone out to take a bath in it on Friday.

  • Halda River at stake

    The country's largest natural breeding ground for carp, Halda River, has been under threat owing to various manmade hazards, including industrial waste and sewage contamination, sand extraction and illegal fishing.

  • Losing fish to tobacco

    As the nation's and possibly South Asia's major natural breeding ground for carp fishes like ruhi, katol and mrigal (Indian carp) from where fishermen collect spawns, the 98-kilometre Halda River that runs through Khagrachhari is unique.