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  • Kaaba

    Hajj registration deadline deferred to April 8

    Due to a lack of aspiring pilgrims for this year’s hajj, the religious affairs ministry today extended the deadline for registration till April 8.

  • Hajj Pilgrims: No more wait times at Saudi airports

    Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims this year will not have to wait for completing the immigration process at Saudi Arabia airports as the Saudi government is going to do it in Dhaka.

  • Bangladesh's Hajj registration process 2018

    Hajj registration deadline extended to April 1

    The government extends the deadline by 10 days for the registration of Hajj pilgrims under private managements.

  • Bangladesh's Hajj registration process 2018

    No police verification for Hajj pilgrims from this year

    The intending Hajj pilgrims will not require any police verification from this year, Religious Affairs Minister Motiur Rahman says.

  • Hajj Ticket buying for Bangladeshi pilgrims

    Airfare fixed at $1,575 for hajj pilgrims

    The airfare for the hajj pilgrims this year is fixed at 1575 US dollars.

  • The Hajj debacle!

    Time is running out for some 15,000 hajj pilgrims who are yet to receive their visas. Although the religious ministry has given a 48-hour ultimatum (that runs out today) to 16 agencies to complete the visa related procedures to send 3,000 pilgrims by August 26, we need to ask some hard questions regarding bungling of this year's hajj.

  • Biman goes for drastic measures

    Biman yesterday took a number of emergency measures including suspending operations on Dhaka-Doha and Dhaka-Kuwait City routes until August 26 to ferry the hajj pilgrims who could not fly due to flight cancellations.

  • Hajj mess yet to be over

    Twelve hajj agencies are yet to complete visa procedures of around 2,400 pilgrims, creating uncertainty over their pilgrimage this

  • Airlines move to ease hajj flight mess

    Biman Bangladesh and Saudi Arabian Airlines yesterday used their full capacity, for the first time in around a week, to carry pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines Hajj flights canceled

    40,000 hajj pilgrims' fate uncertain

    Hassles for hajj pilgrims are a regular phenomenon. Previously, it was botched flight schedules. And now it has come to light that additional fees on repeat pilgrims have been imposed! This has left around 40,000 pilgrims in the lurch.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines

    Uncertainty over hajj of 40,000

    Around 40,000 pilgrims are facing uncertainty over performing hajj this year due to frequent cancellation of Biman flights, and

  • More suffering for hajj pilgrims

    More suffering for hajj pilgrims

    It is very inopportune that pilgrims, who perform hajj with so much hope, not to say spending so much money, have to suffer at every step during the journey due to mismanagement and irresponsibility.

  • Cabinet okays Hajj policy

    Hajj pilgrims will have to pay Tk 360,000 each for performing holy Hajj under the government management this year while the amount is around Tk 305,000 for performing hajj without any sacrificial animal.

  • ‘Licence-scrapped agencies can’t send Umrah pilgrims’

    Hajj agencies which were found guilty of trafficking people cannot send pilgrims for performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia, Religious Affairs Minister Motiur Rahman says.

  • Umrah visas open for Bangladeshis

    The government of Saudi Arabia lifts restrictions on issuing Umrah visas to Bangladeshi pilgrims.

  • Pakistanis, Indians seek govt help to find missing pilgrims

    Prominent Pakistanis and Indians, who performed hajj as representatives of their countries, urge the Saudi authorities to speed up the process of locating and identifying missing and dead pilgrims.

  • 305 Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims return home

    A total of 305 Bangladeshi pilgrims return from Saudi Arabia after performing the holy Hajj.

  • Hajj ends as stampede death toll rises to 769

    Saudi Arabia deploys large numbers of security reinforcements as pilgrims performed the final rituals of a hajj marred by double tragedy, with the death toll from a stampede rising to 769.

  • Saudi blamed after hajj stampede kills 717

    Blame shifted towards Saudi authorities on Friday after a stampede at the Hajj killed at least 717 people, in the worst tragedy to strike the annual Muslim pilgrimage in a quarter-century.

  • Muslim pilgrims start hajj pilgrimage

    Hundreds of thousands of Muslims from across the globe begin the annual hajj pilgrimage in one of the largest annual gatherings of people in the world.

  • Pilgrims traumatised, ask how Mecca crane could collapse

    Jumaa Ibrahim and his wife Hasnaa Karam, a Syrian couple in their early 60s, arrived in Mecca on Friday, and headed straight to Islam's holiest site, the cube-shaped Kaaba.