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  • 20 lakh new internet connections in August: BTRC

    The number of internet users in the country grew by 19.60 lakh in August which is by far the highest in a single month in recent years, according to a report published by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

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    BTRC verifying if 3G, 4G still available in refugee camps

    A technical team of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has started an inspection to see if the recent restriction on 3G and 4G mobile data services was working in the Rohingya camp areas in Cox’s Bazar.

  • Telcos asked to block 26 lakh illegal SIMs

    The telecom regulator has made a list of about 26 lakh illegal SIMs and urged the mobile operators to deactivate the connections on April 26.

  • Thirteen out of 39 buses run without fitness certificates

    An inquiry committee, formed following a High Court order, has found that 33 percent buses had no fitness certificate that run on the roads, said a survey report conducted on 39 buses.

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    Mobile internet speed slashed indefinitely

    The telecom regulatory commission has slowed mobile internet by shutting down 3G and 4G services yesterday night.

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    Internet connections declined 6.48 lakh in Nov

    The mobile phone operators were dealt a setback of its data users in November this year as they have lost 6.48 lakh active internet connections in the month, the telecom regulator publishes a report.

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    Be ready to implement instructions

    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has asked the mobile operators and international internet gateways to be ready for immediate implementation of its instructions regarding internet speed and content from December 29 to 31.

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    Shutting down mobile internet or social media?

    A complete shutdown of mobile internet services or a block on all social media sites for the December 30 election day are two of the four options that the telecom regulator will place before the Election Commission today.

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    News Sites: BTRC blocks, unblocks, then blocks again

    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) unblocked 58 news sites yesterday evening, but blocked 54 of them again at 7:45pm.

  • BTRC to rank telcos, ISPs based on service

    The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission will rank telecom and internet service providers based on different evaluation methods, including customer surveys, inspections, audits and test drives.

  • BTRC fixes call rate Tk0.45 per minute

    Uniform call rate from today

    A uniform minimum call rate of Tk 0.45 per-minute for mobile phones is going to be effective from early hours of Tuesday as the government approved the fresh tariff to establish a level playing field for the country's telecom operators.

  • Awami League President Sheikh Hasina

    Work started on second satellite

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday revealed that the government has already started work to launch the country's second satellite --'Bangabandhu-2' -- so that it could operate before the 15-year expiry time of the 'Bangabandhu-1'.

  • New era begins

    The country's first communication satellite, Bangabandhu-1, is on its way to its orbital slot in space. With the launch of Bangabandhu-1, Bangladesh became the 57th country in the world and fourth in South Asia -- after India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka -- to have its own satellite in space.

  • Dawn of a new era

    Bangabandhu-1 is likely to be on the way to its orbit by the time you read this report.

  • Bangabandhu-1: Pre-launch test done successfully

    The test run of the country's first geostationary communications satellite, Bangabandhu-1, has been successfully completed yesterday, said the BTRC.

  • Call 2872 for harmful online games, BTRC

    BTRC to block 30 lakh SIMs for breaching rules

    The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is set to block 30 lakh SIMs without any prior notice as their owners had

  • BTRC to keep internet speed uninterrupted

    A day after deciding to block mobile internet and slash internet speed for two and a half hours on SSC exam days, the government backtracks on the decision and asks operators to ensure uninterrupted internet service.

  • BTRC moves to adjust mobile call rates

    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has made a surprise move to adjust mobile call rates which, if implemented, will increase consumers' call expenditure by about 10 percent.

  • ISP fees could rise exponentially

    Not only will new providers have to pay this charge, but the existing 590 operators too will have to make a one-time deposit. The zonal fees for ISPs (urban area clusters) are proposed to go up 30 times from Tk 50,000 to Tk 15 lakh!

  • Call 2872 for harmful online games, BTRC

    BTRC to block 35 news portals

    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission directs all the International Internet Gateway services to block 35 domains of news websites.

  • Dhaka to see more internet blackouts at midnights, holidays

    Internet users in Dhaka city may face more telecommunication blackouts at midnights and holidays as telecom regulatory authorities are going through more exercises in any particular area of the capital.

  • Illegal int'l calls thrive on Teletalk

    State-owned carrier Teletalk's failure to kill around 22 lakh unregistered connections is allowing a huge volume of illegal international calls to be made, depriving the government of revenue.

  • Brief incoming for blocked SIMs

    Subscribers using biometrically unregistered SIM cards will have their outgoing calls blocked after today, while incoming calls are likely to stay active for “a few hours”, according to a top official of a telecom operator.

  • Internet subscription crosses 6cr milestone

    Internet subscription in Bangladesh crossed six crore milestone last month with mobile connections dominating more than 90 percent of it, the telecom authority says. By March-end, the number of active internet connection stood at 6 crore 12 lakh.

  • HC clears biometric registration

    The High Court yesterday cleared way for the mobile carriers to continue with the biometric registration of SIM cards.

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    Legal notice seeks halt to biometric SIM registration

    A Supreme Court lawyer serves a legal notice seeking a halt to biometric registration for subscriber identity module (SIM) cards of mobile operators claiming it violates privacy and has a potential malafide intention.

  • Public hearing on Robi, Airtel merger Feb 17

    The telecom regulator will arrange a public hearing on February 17 to take opinion of people before finalising its recommendations on the merger of Robi and Airtel.

  • mobile internet user in bangladesh 15 crore

    BTRC likely to raise mobile recharge limit

    The telecom regulator decides to revise up the daily recharge limit for a single mobile phone number from Tk 500 it set earlier considering the inconvenience of subscribers.

  • Capping on mobile top-up

    The recent BTRC decision to put a limit on daily top-up for pre-paid mobiles is undoubtedly a short-sighted and injudicious measure.

  • Mobile internet use drops after Facebook bar

    Telecom regulator registers 5.14 crore active mobile internet connections last month – what was 5.23 crore in October-end. The move comes after weeks of ban on Facebook that started last month and continued till December. BTRC, however, did not explain the reason of the fall.