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  • Bangladeshi migrant

    ‘Please save us’

    Temperatures have plummeted way below zero in Bosnia, making life even more miserable for hundreds of migrants and refugees — including entire families with small children — sleeping rough while trying to reach Western Europe.

  • Bangladeshi expatriate workers

    Govt facing diplomatic pressure to bring back expat workers from Middle East: PM

    Mentioning that there is diplomatic pressure for bringing back Bangladeshi expatriate workers from the Middle Eastern countries, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said her government has taken multifaceted diplomatic initiatives to deal with it.

  • Bangladeshi workers in Libya

    500 stranded in Tripoli

    Around 500 Bangladeshis may have been stranded in two locations of Libya, about 200-kilometre off to the country’s capital, amid fighting between UN-backed Libyan government and Libyan National Army.

  • Back home, to what?

    Migrants need support from the government of destination countries and Bangladesh embassies to exercise their rights and a strong reintegration mechanism when they return to Bangladesh.

  • 8 Bangladeshis killed as boats sink off Libya

    Eight Bangladeshi nationals were among those dead after two boats sank off Libya, confirms a Bangladesh’s embassy official based in Tunisia.

  • Thailand detains 'trafficking kingpin'

    Alleged trafficking kingpin surrenders to Thai police while, Philippines is ready to shelter “boat people” from impoverished Bangladesh and Myanmar.

  • 700 migrants rescued off Indonesia

    Another 700 Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants are rescued off Indonesia on Friday, police say, as Myanmar undermined calls for a coordinated response to the human-trafficking crisis by threatening to boycott a planned Southeast Asian summit.

  • This Star photo taken on August 27, 2013, shows Bangladeshi workers stand in line to enter Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, before flying to a foreign country for jobs.

    Penniless, they return from Brunei

    Two migrant workers return from Brunei penniless early today after they were cheated by two Bangladeshi recruiting agencies with the promise of lucrative salaries abroad.

  • 'Trafficking key financier' named

    Cops yesterday obtains an arrest warrant for man they said is a key financier behind the entire Rohingya trafficking racket in the South.