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  • Film on Bangabandhu's life

    Arifin Shuvoo to play Bangabandhu

    A film on Bangabandhu’s life -- a Bangladesh-India joint venture -- commemorating his 100th birth anniversary, is in the making. Eminent Indian director Shyam Benegal is directing the film. Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) published a list of 50 actors, who have been primarily selected for the project.

  • Arifin Shuvoo

    Arifin Shuvoo looks forward to a great year

    Arifin Shuvoo has captivated the audience with his charming personality and acting prowess throughout his successful career.

  • Arifin Shuvoo’s Mission Extreme

    Popular actor, Arifin Shuvoo performed his own stunts in a dangerous plot sequence for the movie, Mission Extreme. He has risked his safety for the sake of acting.

  • Mim and Shuvoo to play 'Shaapludo'!

    Arifin Shuvoo and Bidya Sinha Mim are set to play the leading roles in Shaapludo. The film, which is directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, started shooting last month

  • Arifin Shuvoo Taking it one day at a time

    Arifin Shuvoo won millions of hearts with his laudable performance in 'Dhaka Attack.' He has now stepped into the industry of Kolkata with the film 'Ahare.' The Daily Star catches up with the popular star to discuss his aspirations about acting, his upcoming projects and more.

  • Arifin Shuvoo and bobby

    Shuvoo and Bobby's 'Picnic'

    After shocking fans nationwide in the first superhero film of Bangladesh, Bobby returns with a brand new venture. She hasn't returned alone, for she is being paired with Arifin Shuvoo for the upcoming film

  • Rituparna Sengupta

    Aha re - A Cross-border Love Story of Cooks!

    After Ekti Cinemar Golpo, Arifin Shuvoo and Rituparna Sengupta are all set to find their ultimate true love - the love for food! Rituparna and Shuvoo will be seen in a movie named Aha Re where Shuvoo will play

  • Tisha, Arifin talk about film Ostitto

    Popular stars Arifin Shuvoo and Nusrat Imrose Tisha join hands for the first time as a romantic couple in Ostitto, a film that would hit the theatres across the country on Friday.