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  • Can we minimise the risk of riverine accidents?

    An array of recent accidents in the country, as well as another one outside, point to the need for improved regulations and stricter enforcement and oversight in transportation, energy, and aviation sectors. The plane crash in Kathmandu, a train derailment near Tongi, and the sinking of a coal-carrying barge in Khulna were all preventable. Fortunately, there were no human casualties in the latest accident, in which MV Bilash carrying 775 tonnes of coal capsized on April 14 in the Harbaria Channel near the Mongla River Port.

  • Blissfully Unaware

    Despites the high risk of accidents due to talking on mobile phones or listening to music with earphones whilst walking on streets or along rail lines, pedestrians of Dhaka continue to ignore the danger.

  • Life at death yard

    Frequent accidents have been claming lives or seriously injuring many workers in Chittagong shipbreaking yards over the years, largely

  • Crazy driving in dense fog costs six lives

    In the dense fog, two pile-ups and four accidents on and around Bangabandhu Bridge left six people dead and 50 others injured within the span of a few hours yesterday morning.

  • A nation drowning in its own fear

    Never before in our history have we lived in so much fear. Never before have we suffered from so much anxiety to find our enemies hiding in the crowd.

  • Racing bus drivers

    The traffic authorities must play a more active role in identifying and holding accountable reckless driving, speeding and unfit and overloaded vehicles.

  • Accidents due to bad roads

    Saturday's road crash in Moghbazar intersection happened when a reckless bus driver went over a poorly repaired trench on the street, lost control and hit three construction workers, killing two of them and seriously injuring another.