[Watch] Top 10 Bangla songs of 2016

Watch the top ten Bangla songs on YouTube coming out of the Bangla music industry this passing year; all in one place!

Editor's Note / A Year of Shocks and Expectations

Last year has been one of continuous shocks as well as pleasant surprises both on the international and home fronts.

TERRORISM / Unifying the struggle against ISIS

THE November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris – which struck at the heart of France and of Europe as a whole – have brought the terrorist threat...

MIGRANT CRISIS / Protect our migrant workers

IN 2015, we witnessed the ghastly experiences of thousands of Bangladeshi migrants, rescued from the death traps set by the human traffickers...

ENVIRONMENT / Sundarbans in peril

The Sundarbans has been subjected to natural and manmade calamities for many decades. Declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations...

The Road to 2030: Development Challenges in Bangladesh

LAUNCHED in 1967,“Operation Smallpox Zero” was a unified, global effort to accelerate the eradication of smallpox within a decade.

India's investment anemia

It has been 18 months since Narendra Modi became India's prime minister, following his Bharatiya Janata Party's historic general-

Good, but can be better

The economy, moreover, is on a strong footing with the gross domestic product growing above 6 percent. Inflation has fallen to its lowest level in 10 months in November. It averaged at a stable 6.21 percent throughout the year.



When dreams turned into reality

You needed something special to defeat the likes of India and South Africa, and that, for Bangladesh, came in the form of Mustafizur Rahman -- a freak of a bowler, who absolutely changed the entire balance of the Bangladesh team.



Major World Events in 2015

This year Europe suffered the worst terrorist attacks in 11 years with Paris being hit two times.

Hopes for a fresh beginning

The nation embraces 2016 with a degree of scepticism and anxiety. With the experiences of disenfranchisement and violations of ...

When rights go wrong

NOT only was 2015 filled with moments of national pride and joy but also moments of national tragedy and shame. Bangladesh was faced with some of the worst instances of violence against women, children and minorities in 2015.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received the highest environmental accolade of the UN – Champions of the Earth – in recognition of Bangladesh's far-reaching initiatives to address climate change (September 27, 2015).