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  • International Women's Day 2018

    How do you calculate a woman's worth?

    It's hard to tell how old Minara Begum is - she could pass off as a 19-year-old although she is probably in her mid twenties. If you ask she will give you an embarassed smile revealing the dimples on her pretty face as she remarks - 'I can't tell - maybe 16 or 17'. She lost her parents as a child and was brought up by relatives. Her brother married her off to a rickshaw puller who goes to work when he feels like it - the rest of the time he just stays at home. Meena of course does not have such luxury - she must work as a house maid every single day - except when she or one of the children is sick. She has two little children, rent to pay for a small shack in a slum and for daily groceries she has to buy on her way home.

  • Women entrepreneurs kept away from loans

    Women entrepreneurs are still lagging behind in access to SME (small and medium enterprise) financing due to

  • Women's participation in the job market

    Women's participation in the labour force has increased manifolds over time in Bangladesh. Compared to 4 percent

  • It's time to value women's unpaid work

    The socio-economic conditions of women in Bangladesh have improved significantly over the years. Progress is

  • Celebrating the unsung women nation-builders

    “If there is a will, there is a way.” Arifa Akhter is living her life by this principle. Despite lackingthe ability to utilize