25th anniversary special part-2

25th anniversary special part-2

Silver jubilee special / Window of opportunity for the pharma industry

Bangladesh is aiming to develop 30 world-class drug makers in the next decade in order to establish a strong foothold in the global

RMG sector towards a thriving future

Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions—why am I doing it, what the results might be and will I be successful? Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead.” – Chanakya, ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor (350 BCE - 275 BCE)

Big business ahead for garments sector

Owing to the political calm and the strong economic rebound in the Western world, prospects for the garments business are better than ever. Since Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporting nation in the world, there are opportunities for growth here too.

Planned urbanisation and environment

The three-decade old real estate sector has predominantly been a business composed of private entrepreneurs catering to the needs of the urban upper middle class, not concerning itself with the low income groups. Public sector initiatives have been limited to the development of some townships and residential colonies mostly concentrated in the capital. As a result, equitable housing opportunities remain a far cry for most urban-dwellers.

Silver jubilee special / Tourism in Bangladesh, backpacking is the missing link

The Isan region of north-eastern Thailand is famous for insects as part of its regional cuisine. According to locals, the tradition of

A shot in the arm for real estate

A fter enjoying a boom period, called the 'golden period' by some experts, from 1996 till 2010, the real estate sector has almost come to a standstill at the moment. The construction boom saw new industrial buildings, corporate offices, housing units (apartments), and other types of infrastructure. The

Real estate development

Real estate development is a business activity concerned with land and construction that provides value-adding services by developing residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and integrated projects and related infrastructure. The concept of real estate in Bangladesh emerged after liberation. Over time, real estate has become a subject of keen interest for the general public, businessmen and other stakeholders. The real estate and housing sector

Silver jubilee special / The beauty within

Outside of Bangladesh, very little is known about the wonders its holds. The most popular place in Bangladesh amongst outsiders is

Editor's Note

This issue is the second instalment of our silver jubilee special supplement, titled Strengthening Pillars of Economy. The instalment contains articles under the sub-sections: Challenges and Responses; Real Estate and Export; and Tourism.

Living and growing with the "new normal"

If the first month of 2016 is an indication of things to come, then the only certainty in 2016 is that there will be high uncertainty. Plunging oil prices, the double whammy of slowdown in the emerging markets, especially the BRICS countries and the continuing financial and political malaise in the advanced economies particularly Europe, climate change and the new norm of lower "sustainable" growth driven by domestic consumption in China - in an over

Risks and challenges of the economy in 2016

Bangladesh enters 2016 with its economy facing several challenges. The key challenges on the domestic front continue to be the acceleration of private investments and the better use of public sector resources to implement important infrastructure and social programs. The investment outlook is clouded by uncertainties pertaining to the dynamics of domestic politics; structural reforms; developments in infrastructure and energy; and global economic prospects.

Nation Branding

Nation Branding

What's all this about nation branding?

I was standing at the immigration cue at Hamburg Airport watching their highly efficient system. No matter how many people appeared

Development trends and the tasks ahead

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a population of around 160 million. The economy is rapidly transforming from agriculture-based to industry- and service-based. Despite achieving significant landmarks in the fight against poverty, especially through the transformation of agriculture (increased yield), micro-credit expansion and RMG export, poverty still remains a daunting problem for a vast majority of the population.

Economic growth acceleration: Potentials and policy imperatives

Economic growth, usually measured by growth of gross domestic product (GDP), remains a dominant development objective. It is recognised that development is a multi-dimensional concept. It encompasses many other elements such as equitable distribution of the fruits of economic growth, elimination of poverty, maintenance of reasonable price stability, participation of all sections of the society in the growth process, and improvements in

Tourism year: Time to get real

Lets contemplate a scenario. You notice hype building around "the largest pot of kacchi biryani" being cooked in your city. You come

Reduce cost of doing business for faster growth

Bangladesh is proving to be unstoppable in achieving success in almost all the sectors of development at the moment. Even the harshest of its critics are taking a back seat now to watch in awe the multi-faceted works going on round the clock that are resulting in increased production in the industries,

A comeback on the horizon for real estate?

Riding on relative political stability and price corrections, Bangladesh's real estate sector may make a comeback this year after three years of bad luck. Since 2012, the once-burgeoning real estate sector has been in difficult times due to the intermittent political instability, squeezing of bank loans, a bearish stock