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  • Peoples' master plan for a livable future

    The National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports is proposing the “Peoples' Master Plan for Power and Energy (2017-2041)” as an alternative to the government's master plan.

  • Let's talk about sex(uality), not police it

    It's time to talk about sexuality. A few years ago, during the Rubel-Happy scandal, when Rubel was accused of sexually assaulting Happy,

  • Where rapists do not fear to tread

    News stories of two young women accusing the son of a well known jewellery store and one of his friends, of raping them at a hotel in Banani after a birthday party, are doing the rounds, evoking all sorts of reactions among the public.

  • A Year on the Run

    “I might not come back. I'm afraid. You had to flee from one place to another out of fear of being slaughtered by the extremists. If something like that happens again, I don't have the strength or ability to do things like you.”


    Being a single working women and a regular commuter in this city, I often have to deal with sarcastic debates on why there should be reserved seats for us.

  • Should Bangladesh do more to support the Palestinian cause?

    The Palestinian struggle for independence bears some resemblance to ours, but Bangladesh's support for their cause dated back to its ...

  • American Muslims Must Stop Apologising

    I had recently been asked to give a talk about “being an American Muslim in the United States.” Although wary of the uses and abuses of the term, I obliged.

  • Why higher minimum wage is also a woman's issue

    International Women's Day is just around the corner. Every year this day brings with it a fresh calculation of the triumphs and losses of the women's movement.

  • ‘I Am Not a Feminist'

    There is a lot of contemplation over this word. Whether it is what it means in the books, or whether each person modifies it according to their own needs, the ideology behind this word always seems to be up for grabs for each person who claims they are or they are not one.

  • Our Silence on Police Brutality

    On 26th January, 2017, different socio-political organisations -- mostly backed by the left wing political parties -- called upon a strike in protest of the construction of the Rampal power plant.