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  • Dissecting your gas bill

    Just one paisa of the gas bill being paid by a consumer, means Tk 35 crores in revenue for the utility companies.

  • How independent and effective is the NHRC?

    When it comes to allegations of human rights violations against law enforcement agencies, the NHRC claims that its hands are tied in investigating themselves and it can only ask for reports from the government.

  • The Curtain Call

    33 years back, cinema enthusiast Mohammad Mortuza started his career as a gatekeeper at the famous Ananda Cinema Hall in Farmgate, with a salary of Tk 400 per month.

  • Trends in Fire Incidents show Lapses in Government Action

    On Wednesday last week, a busy street in Chawkbazar in Bangladesh's oldest neighbourhood burst into flames, killing at least 67 people and injuring many.

  • Mapping Our Many Mother Tongues

    Very recently, a video song called “Poran Priyo” released by the telecom provider Robi, featuring an all-girls band F Minor has been making the rounds on social media as a “pahari” song, but very few know that the language of the lyrics is actually Achik, the language of the Garo community.

  • Mental Health 101

    The recent cases of suicide in educational institutes this year—nine cases of suicide at University of Dhaka (DU) and one at a residential complex of a private university—has opened a can of worms, exposing how poorly the mental health condition of Bangladesh's youngsters are dealt with.

  • Girls Still Left Behind

    “We know education is important. All of my three daughters studied up to grade five. But in our village, the demand of dowry increases if our daughters cross 15 years of age.

  • The rise and silencing of a mass student movement

    It all started with a mad race. Two buses from Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan were racing towards a stop near the Armed Forces Medical College in Kurmitola. It was peak hour. The students were in a rush to get home and both buses wanted to cash in on that. They were racing on the Mirpur to Airport flyover.

  • Erased Desires - Of Disability and Sexuality

    Twenty-four-year-old Nayeem, a private university student, has a spinal cord injury. He often talks about his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for more than a year now. They study at the same university. They met on campus when Nayeem was selling coupons for a department picnic, became good friends and eventually started dating. Nayeem says that he loves her “with all his heart”.

  • Corrupting a Generation

    The leaking of question papers before public exams has become a regular phenomenon in Bangladesh.


    The Ekushey Boi mela is a little more fun on the weekends when families and children crowd the popular stalls, not to mention the series

  • From Barter to Banknotes, All in One

    You may have heard that eight maund (around 295 kg) of processed rice could be bought with one taka coin in the reign of Shaista Khan (popularly known as Shaista Khan-er Aamol).

  • Chobi Mela IX Begins Today

    The best thing about any February is the frenzy of activities that comes along with it -- the Ekushey Boi Mela, Pahela Phalgun celebrations and of course commemorating the heroes on International Mother Language day.

  • The Future of Cinema

    Cinema is considered to be the most important art form of this century—and to indulge into this art form, this week film enthusiasts witnessed a grand celebration.

  • Rocket Steamers

    Amongst the few paddle steamers that exist around the world used for tourism, Bangladesh has six of them, popularly known as 'Rocket

  • Marrying off too early?

    A law drafted more than two years ago, stating that a girl at the age of 16 will be able to marry as a non-minor with the consent of her parents, still holds its ground in the midst of major criticism. Turn to pages 8-9 to read thoughts and opinions on this draft law.

  • A trip to Golap Graam

    There are roses as far as the eyes can see in the Birulia union, under Savar Upazila, in the most vibrant, flaming shades of red.

  • 10 stories to look back at

    As we all try our best to look forward to the New Year – make lists of things to do (better!), to read more, lose weight – in a nutshell, be a better person – we can't help but take a sneak peak at the past. Turn to pages 7-9 and take a look at 10 Star Weekend stories published in the last one year, that we believe have changed us for the better. On a brighter note, the Star Weekend team would like to wish you a happy new 2017!

  • Songs of Victory

    “Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love,” said Mahatma Gandhi, and how true his words are! The people of Bengal fought for liberation and freedom – not only with strategies, guns and grenades, but also with poetry, words of inspiration and melodies that were strong enough to move mountains.

  • It's Cartoon Time!

    What does it mean to be a cartoonist? Why is having an extensive platform for art aficionados, who share the same love for cartooning and doodling important?

  • Broken Rides, Broken Promises

    While the authorities think of ways to make Dhaka a child-friendly city, amusement parks are being demolished or sold off, one after another.

  • Bangladeshi Theatre's Curtain Call

    Earlier this year, under the guidance of Professor Dr Israfil Shaheen, the Theatre and Performance Studies Department of Dhaka University travelled to Delhi for the 9th Asia Pacific Bureau, as the first ever delegation from Bangladesh.

  • Saving the Coral Island

    Saving the Coral Island

    Saint Martin's Island, the only coral island of Bangladesh, has lost most of its splendour due to continuous destruction of its precious...

  • The Cultural Lighthouse

    For over four decades, the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy has been serving as the biggest cultural hub for art enthusiasts, music aficionados, film connoisseurs or dance lovers.

  • Dreaming Bigger, Dreaming Better

    On April 24, 2013, a disaster shook the whole nation when the Rana Plaza building, an eight-storeyed factory complex supplying clothes

  • Baptised With Fire: First to arrive, last to leave

    Bangladesh faced a national crisis when an eight-story building called Rana Plaza housing several garment factories collapsed to the ground, leaving a huge pile of rubble and thousands of lives trapped underneath. It was the deadliest building collapse in modern human history that shook the nation to its core.

  • Baptised with Fire

    In case of fire incidents, building collapse, road, railway or water transport accidents, and all kinds of emergency rescue operations, the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence is our first and last resort.

  • The Bold and the Beautiful

    Mostly deemed as the common man's art, rickshaw art is unique and vibrant - partly because of the bold strokes of flashy enamel paint that the painters use, but mostly for the range of subjects and surreal images.

  • Breaking the Toilet Taboo

    The 15 million residents of Dhaka have access to only about seventy public toilets. Most of us are lucky enough to use clean toilets at home, but for more than 5.5 million floating people in Dhaka, these 70 toilets are their only refuge.

  • Sankar Dhar: A Phenomenal Sculptor

    “Sankar aspires to be a famous artist. His creations are ingenious and promising”— Sankar Dhar made the headlines first in 1974 in the Daily Sangbad, at 16 years of age, when he was a student of class ten at Pogose High School, next to Banglabazar.