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For Easy Breathin’

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Living in Bangladesh, none of us are new to pollution– a little mud here, stink there, and dust almost everywhere. While outdoors, the best things you can do is wear hats, and masks and other accessories to keep yourself safe from all of this, indoors you have the upper hand. Just a few tips and tricks and you can kiss that hay-fever goodbye (at least while you're inside the house.) 

Keeping your indoors dust-free is very important, especially if you have asthma or hay fever – dust mites, mold, and the other “triggers” talked about here can cause serious attacks. Just getting rid of dust bunnies, and polishing furniture may not be enough.

Here are some sure-fire ways you can protect yourself from indoor air pollutants:

1. Get rid of dust mites—Have you ever heard of a dust mite? Scarily, dust mites are relatives of the spider. They are very small to be visible. Dust mites eat skin cells shed by people, and they like warm, humid environments- like the inside of homes! Dust mites can be found almost everywhere. Here's how you can get rid of them:
* Wash your sheets once a week in hot water
* Keep stuffed toys off of your bed
* Wash your stuffed toys in hot water often
* Vacuum carpets and furnitures regularly (if you have asthma, stay out of the room while it is being vacuumed)
* Use a dust-proof mattress covers on your bed

2.    Get rid of mold and mildew– Mold and/or mildew can also make asthma or dust allergies worse. Here's how you can get rid of them:
* Wash the mold and mildew off of hard surfaces and let them dry all the way
* Fix leaky plumbing. Make sure that wet areas are dry within 24 – 48 hours to prevent mold growth. 
* Us a fan or open a window when showering, cooking, or using the dishwasher, for proper ventilation of the area.

3.    Keep pets out of sleeping areas—But this is mainly for those who have allergies or asthma. In such cases, do not let your pets sleep where you sleep.

4.    Keep bugs out of the kitchen— Cockroaches and other such small insects can trigger asthma attacks, and also carry a lot of dust and dirt into your homes. You can keep them out of the kitchen by:
* Putting all food in sealed containers
* Washing dishes thoroughly after every meal
* Storing trash in sealed bags
* Eating only in one room of the house (for example, the kitchen or the dining room)

5.    Stay away from second-hand smoke— If you have respiratory problems of any kind, tell all your friends and family that they cannot smoke around you. And you have to be stern about it!

6.    Never run a car in a closed garage— And also, make sure that your car and tail pipes are not clogged with leaves. This could cause a deadly build-up of carbon monoxide.

7.    Never sleep in a closed room with a gas or kerosene space heater— This, too, could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
With such tips, you can at least turn your home into haven and make sure that the little dust buggers don't ruin your day, let alone you life! Live life dust-free.


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