Naziba Basher

Naziba Basher

The author is a Sub Editor, News Desk at The Daily Star

Pay for pets!

Dhaka South City Corporation has recently imposed an annual tax of Tk 500 per pet dog and Tk 1,000 for horses and deer -- drawing huge flak from animal rights activists and pet owners.

Desert Fest: When the greatest are to say goodbye

While I may have started watching football during the time of the great Zinedine Zidane, understanding teams -- their strategies, styles, stars, et al -- came to me much later.

‘First love’ Ronaldo, ‘calm’ Silva: Sanjida, Masura root for their heroes

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has reached its peak with the showpiece event heading towards the business end -- the knockouts.

But where do the children play?

Since the pandemic began and schools were shut down, my sole worry was my niece’s well-being. Will she become isolated? Will she be able to remain physically fit? Could she go into depression?

Child marriage in pandemic: A scourge returns on tiptoe

She wanted to be a teacher one day and was studying hard to reach that goal. But that dream, she feels, has just slipped away.

Woman invents new economic system because of cat love

In a remote village in northeastern Bangladesh, a middle-aged woman has started a new economic system to bring disruptions to the well accepted systems in place.

Menstrual Hygiene: A man steps forward

More often than not, we see only the change happening around us in the city. But sometimes, there are silent revolutions happening outside our own hub by people away from the limelight of capital.

Duronto TV kick-starts its 'season two'

Duronto Television, a TV channel made solely for children, began their 'second season' on January 14. Mohammad Ali Haider, head of programme of Duronto Television, made the announcement at a press conference on Monday.

The sculpture that is Sujata Mohapatra

The fifth and final day of the sixth Bengal Classical Music festival began enchantingly. With the first performance of the evening itself,

Nritya Chirantan: An Ode to Bangladeshi Dancers

Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017's third day opened with an extraordinary performance. Dancers Sudeshna Swayamprabha and

Aditi and Drishtikon allure with rhythm and grace

The Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company opened the performances of the second day of the Bengal Classical Music Festival on Wednesday, delivering an exquisite display of visual poetry.

“I have performed on every big stage in the city…”

Imon Ahmed, if briefly explained, moves like a storm. The very first time I saw him unleash this storm was when I knew that this boy had a story to tell.

Nature shines through folk music

Seasoned Lalon singer Baul Shafi Mondol is one who needs no introduction. Carrying Lalon's message of peace across the country, Baul Shafi Mondol has been successfully spreading the love for folk and Lalon music since his journey as a Lalon singer began.

TASHER DESH A vivid retelling of a Tagore classic

Srishti-Meena Bazar Dance Drama festival opened at the National Theatre Hall of BSA on November 1. The dance drama festival is

ANKHI O TAR BONDHURA launches promo campaign

Morshedul Islam's “Ankhi o Tar Bondhura” revealed its poster and music at an event held on October 28 at in the Channel i premises, kicking off the promotional campaign of the children's film.

Shimul Yousuf returns to stage

Noted thespian Shimul Yousuf is set to return to the stage today after a year-long hiatus, through a staging of Dhaka Theatre's popular

The rise of ABM Sumon

Still running successfully in theatres in its fourth week, Dipankar Dipon's cop thriller “Dhaka Attack” is a flame yet to be extinguished.

The festival should be held at any cost

The sixth Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017 is off. This piece of bad new was disclosed at a press conference organised by Bengal

Samina Husain Prema taking on new challenges

Acclaimed Manipuri dancer Samina Husain Prema will be travelling to London to perform at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on October 22.

“Acting is all I have, it's all I want”

Popular film, TV and theatre actor Runa Khan has three films in the release pipeline, two of which will come out this year.

Actors' Equity to hand out ID to registered artistes

The Actors' Equity Bangladesh comprises television actors of the country. Through this organisation, agreements are formed between actors and other parties involved in a production, and problems existing in the industry are mitigated through an elected committee as new rules and regulations are implemented.

In tearful memories

Eminent film actress Sharmili Ahmed had worked very closely with Nayak Raj Razzak in many a film, where she not only played the

Diving in with the “Gohin Baluchor” team

Popular television director Badrul Anam Saud's first venture on the big screen is the upcoming film “Gohin Baluchor”. The government-

A full-fledged family affair Uttam and Chittralekha's Durga Puja

National film award-winning actor Chittralekha Guha and six-time winning art director Uttam Guha make a popular couple in the

Window to a Wordsmith

Last year on this very day, Bangladesh lost one its most influential writers and cultural personalities-- Syed Shamsul Haque.

Unburdened by his father's legacy

Nuhash Humayun carries one of the heaviest surnames in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry.

“Dancing is an experience, not a performance”

On September 18, a discerning audience was gifted with a special performance at the National Museum during the 64th presentation of “Nupur Beje Jaye”, a bi-monthly programme organised by Shadhona Shangskritik Mondal to promote performing arts in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi dancers make their mark in Kolkata

Every year, a handful of aspiring dancers travel to Rabindra Bharati in the heart of Kolkata, to expand their knowledge and versatility in

From “Rabeya” to “Noor Banu”: The many avatars of TOYA

Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya made a name for herself in the top five of 2010's edition of Lux-Channel i Superstar. But the model-

Nazrul Award 2017 conferred

This year's Nazrul Award was conferred yesterday to three reputed Nazrul singers and researchers - Ferdous Ara, Fatema Tuz Zohra and Dr. Leena Taposhi Khan. Like every year, the Cultural Affairs Ministry and Nazrul Institute honoured the artistes working to disperse the work of Nazrul among the masses and award them with the prestigious award.

Aly Zaker receives Selim Al-Deen Padak

On the concluding day of the Selim-Al-Deen Utshab on Wednesday, the Selim-Al-Deen Padak was conferred on eminent theatre personality Aly Zaker. Aly Zaker was not able to attend the programme on the opening day.

“Learning about Novera gave me strength”

Stage monodrama “Novera” is set to see its 10th staging today at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

Kamal Ahmed to perform solo musical soiree

Kamal Ahmed is one of the more popular and devoted Tagore singers in the country at the moment, along with being the former

Recognising the voices

Even though the first voice-over was given in the 1900s, it took a while for it to be recognised as a skill.

Tagore's gift to Nritya

Rabindranath Tagore, a poet, philosopher, composer, playwright, and painter, was one of the strongest figures to have given a solid

“This is the highest form of honour …”

Legendary Nazrul singer Firoza Begum was born on July 27, 1926 and passed away on September 9, 2014. After her passing, Dhaka

Fahim Hossain Chowdhury to present Tagore melodies today

Fahim Hossain Chowdhury is one of the leading Rabindra Sangeet singers in the country, as well as a founding member and former

Dhaka Theatre's “Our Country's Good”

Reputed theatre troupe Dhaka Theatre held the fifth staging of their 46th production “Our Country's Good” at the National Theatre Hall in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Tuesday.

Mahnaz Karim: A new voice of Rabindra Sangeet

Mahnaz Karim Hossain grew up in a musical household. With influences of her culturally-involved father and her paternal grandmother

Gohin Baluchor receives 'uncut' censor clearance

“Gohin Baluchor”, directed by Badrul Anam Saud, passed through the censor board without any cuts on July 9.

“It's now my responsibility to take our music to international platforms”

Four-time national award-winning music director, and also the younger son of the illustrious composer Satya Shaha,

“Theatre is who I am…” Shajjad Rajib on his 16-year journey with Dhaka Theatre

Shajjad Rajib, a seasoned theatre actor who has also ventured into television, began his career on the stage at an early age. He has

A Special Bond Ferdausi and Tropa Majumdar share birthdays

Ferdausi Majumdar, one of the most prominent faces of Bangladeshi theatre and her daughter Tropa Majumdar, also a theatre actor

Shashwati Garai Ghosh mesmerises with Odissi

It was pouring rain, as they say, 'cats and dogs' this past Monday in Dhaka, and while most people were apprehensive about stepping out in this weather, not even the strongest gushes of wind and water could stop dance enthusiasts from commuting to Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy's Music and Dance Centre to watch Shashwati Garai Ghosh's mesmerising Odissi dance presentation.


One of the most well-known faces on television, Fazlur Rahman Babu has charmed his audience since the beginning of his career

Nawshaba's unique Ramadan plans

Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed has long been known to be a very socially aware and active member of the television industry.

Villainous Jitu In - "Gohin Baluchor"

Following the footsteps of his father, Syed Ahsan Ali Sydney, Jitu Ahsan entered the industry at a comparatively young age. After

Humayun Faridee: Unforgotten

Actors Chanchal Chowdhury, Shahed Ali, Bonna Mirza and Runa Khan were among members of the fraternity remembering the actor in

May 26, 2017
May 26, 2017

An inclusive initiative

“I have a disabled leg. I fell when I was young, and it affected the nerve. One of my legs is shorter than the other,” says Shireen, a quality inspector at the Beximco Textile and Apparel Division, in Savar.

May 26, 2017
May 26, 2017

Reminiscing The Legacy Of Nazrul

The Nazrul Institute plays a pivotal role in promoting the literary works of the poet, teaching Nazrul Sangeet with maintaining the proper melodies and swaralipi, and recognising excellence in literary research and conferring awards.

May 25, 2017
May 25, 2017

Homage to Nazrul

At the end of last year, Bhabna's director and choreographer, Samina Hussain Prema, launched a dance-drama based on Kalidasa's

May 15, 2017
May 15, 2017

The person I am today is because of my mother - Suborna Mustafa

Suborna Mustafa's legacy as an actor – from her early days of “Ghuddi” to recent works like “Gohiney” and “Pinjor”, is often connected to her father, the iconic Golam Mustafa. But few know that it was her mother, Husne Ara Mustafa, who introduced her to the art of acting and performing.

May 5, 2017
May 5, 2017

Are we viewers or consumers?

It's a truth universally, and perhaps, grudgingly acknowledged, that a production does not work without its corporate sponsors; and that is precisely where the corporations play their big hands. Beginning from picking the director, producer and actors, they also influence how their products are integrated into the story.

March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

For the women, by the women

The discourse on women's issues, as advocated by women's rights organisations around the world, often ends up portraying women as victims of their circumstances.

March 24, 2017
March 24, 2017

Because Society *cough*Cares*cough*

Our society is one that really cares about its people. Through a series of questions that may at first seem a little daunting, society chooses to show its undying affection for all its members.

March 17, 2017
March 17, 2017


There was a time when animal rights activists like Rubaiya Ahmad, Founder, Obhoyaronno Animal Welfare Foundation, would go to file cases or fight against animal abusers, but in vain.

March 3, 2017
March 3, 2017

Do You Recognise the Patriarchy?

A system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.

February 24, 2017
February 24, 2017

‘I Am Not a Feminist'

There is a lot of contemplation over this word. Whether it is what it means in the books, or whether each person modifies it according to their own needs, the ideology behind this word always seems to be up for grabs for each person who claims they are or they are not one.