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  • Shahana-nama

    Syed Khaled Saifullah, might not be a name well known amongst Bangladeshi authors and writers, but his first published book 'Shahana - nama' has managed to catch readers' attention. Published by Barshadupur and launched at the Ekushey Boimela this year, 'Shahana-Nama' is a reflection of contemporary Bangladesh. "The story begins at a remote village where Shahana, a young local girl cooks for her houseguest," says Saifullah. "The guest is a progressive young man from Dhaka and as the story develops they end up having burgers at a fast-food street cart in Dhaka."

  • Metropolitan golpo guchcho - 3&4

    Among the many promising books featured in this year's Ekushey Boi Mela, the third and fourth books from the 'Metropolitan Golpo Guchcho,' series, compiled by writer Sharjil Khan, are quite popular. This year, the short stories that make up the series, were selected from the works of young previously unpublished writers who submitted their stories for a competition advertised in

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  • Metropolitan golpo guchcho - 3&4

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  • Shahana-nama

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