Star People / Seeing the world through liza’s brushes

The goal of Liza Hasan's art is not solely confined to aesthetics; there is a far bigger purpose than that. Her art is shaped by her urge to bring to fore the emotions of her subjects, while commenting in her own quiet way on the society and culture that encircle her.

Star people / Passion for Pixels

He started off small. But those who do big things in their lives usually do. That's the great thing about 'star' people- they start

Star People / A Journey of Art and Passion

"Every incident that we come across everyday that can be a scene of beauty and peace or a bleak image of injustice or


Md. Abdus Salam is a teacher, a trainer and the principal of a school- a profession not uncommon if a little underappreciated in these

Saving Lives

BRAC is known to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. However, BRAC

The Interactive Classroom Board

Among the impressive inventions that emerged from The Maker's Lab, was the Immersive Augmented Education system, by Akkas Uddin

Excelling in New Media

A rising star in the field of art today, in the country, is the young Efat Razowane Reya. "Thank you! But if you don't mind, I'd rather be a rising star in the New Media genre in Bangladesh," smiles Reya. A young student with big, dreamy eyes, Reya depicts confidence, determination and one cannot miss the flicker of rebellion.

Inherited Gumption

When she was just a child, her father used to frequently say, “My daughter is going to grow up to be a barrister one day!”

Man of the Earth

A popular name in the field of agriculture, Rezaul Karim Siddique has been researching on how to develop cultivation and growth of crops in Bangladesh for more than three decades. Not only does he work for the betterment of agriculture, he also works towards the development of farmers and organic farming.

Chasing Dreams

Growing up in a middle-class family belonging to Gazipur, Probal Rashid had an ordinary childhood. Completing his schooling and Bachelor's in Business Administration in his home-town, Probal joined the Centre for Asian Arts and Cultures for a 2 month-long foundation course on photography to cater to his childhood knack for taking photographs.


“Writing for children is something very special. When I try to depict their child-like dreams, their innocence and imagination in my writing, what I enjoy most is that I start to think like them”, says Ashique Mustafa,


Professor Kaiser Haq is undoubtedly one of the literary giants of our time. He is a renowned poet, an essayist, a translator and teacher

February 21

Every year on February 21, many of us try to relive the revolution fought in 1952. We wonder about the past, try to understand the

The Birth of Art

Northbrook Hall, located inside the famous Laalkuthi, at Farashgonj, on the north bank of the Buriganga River, is the first of its kind in


Isteaque Ahmed is an author who has had his books published at the Ekushey Boi Mela for 7 years now. Starting from 2009, he has had one book published each year- 'Hotel Bonolota,' 'Nail Cutter' and 'Death Certificate' to name a few. This year, Isteaque's new book is 'Adorsholipi,' published by 'Jagriti Prokashoni.'

Mayanagar Chourasta

This year Ekushey Boi Mela featured many young writers. One of them, who is already being talked about widely is writer Al Nahian, for his third book 'Mayanogor Chourasta.' His previous books were a compilation of his short stories named 'Silent Call' and 'Nil Nidra Enterprise' which were well received by the readers.