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02:10 AM, February 28, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:51 AM, March 07, 2015

The Argus Helmet

Argus is a third eye, invented by Samiul Haque, Istiak Ahmed Inam and Mainul Hasan Alin. It is made to send tactile feedback through vibration motors to the user if there is any vehicle approaching him. “We tried to 3d depth map the rear of a cyclist using a gyroscope and a Sonar distance finder,” says Haque.

The inventors have made a working version of the design and displayed it successfully at the Digital World 2015. Currently, they are working with Mozammel Hoque from BDCyclists to turn it into a piece of gaming gear. “Road Safety for cyclists was our primary motivation for this project. One common problem for cyclists is that they get into accidents, when they try to look behind when taking turns,” says Samiul, “I am still looking for better and efficient ways of making smart cycling gears and wearable devices.”

Their motive is to help the cyclists of Bangladesh, who are looking for cheaper yet efficient smart cycling gear. The Argus helmet was an innovative approach to solve the problem regarding traffic collisions, which is usually done using expensive LiDAR sensors. “We brought down the cost to a fraction of a single LiDAR sensor,” he says. “We made sure it was feasible enough and could be done under a budget,” says Samiul. The total cost of the device was about 2,000 BDT which is roughly the cost of a new bicycle helmet.

“Media Lab has given me the very thing I was looking for while working in electronics and robotics, which was a structure. Our development process involves looking at the parts available in the Market and then thinking about what we can do with them,” he says. Samiul dreams of working for a community of makers and thinkers whose purpose in life is to create beautiful things, not for fame or glory, but because they can.

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