The colourful cauliflowers of Bangladesh

Instead of the regular old white cauliflowers - you can now have cauliflowers that are red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Shankha Dasgupta: Meet the genius behind Guti

Shankha Dasgupta is the genius behind Guti, and anyone who has followed his work over the years knows precisely how exceptional he is. The much-anticipated show, Guti, came out on Chorki in January, leaving the viewers binging.

A guide to kalai ruti of Chapai Nawabganj: Recipe, accompaniments, and where to eat

If you are going to Chapai Nawabganj, you must try out kalai ruti. That's what everyone said when I was planning a trip there. And so, I did, and I didn't regret it. The question of regret comes from the premise that kalai ruti is, after all, a ruti. I mean, how magically delicious can ruti be? My expectations were not that high. With that almost arrogant low expectation, I tried out this Chapai Nawabganj specialty, but it left me pleasantly surprised.

Sudder Street: A piece of Bangladesh in Kolkata

Sudder Street is a busy thoroughfare in the bustling city of Kolkata. What's unique about this street is that it attracts many Bangladeshis.

Jashore's 'Loss Project' providing essentials at half-price during Ramadan

With the start of the holy month of Ramadan, prices of essentials go up in a long-standing tendency in Bangladesh.

A fair where Dhaka’s plant-lovers exchange plants

Plants in exchange of plants! If you have two cactuses of the same kind in your collection, you can trade one of them for a different plant.

15 Questions with Farzana Shakil

On today’s episode of 15 Questions, we sat down with Farzana Shakil, a style icon and a famed pioneer in the Makeup Industry of Bangladesh. As an owner of The Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon, she has had over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship. In this episode, she speaks more about life's experiences and the future of the beauty industry.

15 Questions with Peya Jannatul

On today’s episode of 15 Questions With, we meet up with the glamourous and beguiling Peya Jannatul, who is a famous model, actress and also a lawyer, and discuss those all-important topics!

15 questions with Tashnuva Anan Shishir

On today’s episode of 15 Questions With, we sat down with Tashnuva Anan Shishir, a human rights activist, model, actress, dancer and Bangladesh's first transgender news anchor, paving the way for future job opportunities and wellbeing of the community.

15 questions with Mou

On today’s episode of 15 Questions with, we have Sadia Islam Mou - an accomplished dancer, a celebrated actress, perhaps the first Bangladeshi model to reach stardom, and of course everyone’s heartthrob since the 90’s.

15 Questions with Nibir Adnan Nahid

On this week’s episode of 15 Questions With, we met up with Nibir Adnan Nahid, a Bangladeshi supermodel who has taken the country and the world by storm, having worked with reputable brands both in and outside the country.

A candid conversation with Mehruz Munir

Zurhem is Mehruz and vice versa; if you have had the chance to visit the atelier earlier, you have already had a first glimpse into the glitzy lifestyle of the genius designer.

Roshogolla — wrapped in rich history and taste

The delectable and unique sweets of Bangladesh are indeed a culinary representation of our country. After all, the array of various mishtis from different parts of the country speak volumes about its diversity

Badhon on movies, struggles and aspirations

“I had been flung into the raging sea during my daughter’s custody battle. This is not all, many belittled me and discouraged me through and through and yet, I rose like a Phoenix from the ashes.”

Down the DU Lane: Memories of Dhaka University

In celebration of 100 years of Dhaka University, we present to you a video series featuring a number of notable DU alumni, who shared fond memories of their time on campus.

No safety regulations as people try to avail daily essentials at low prices

Crowds of hundreds of people were seen in front of Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) trucks in Rampura area of the capital, to avail daily necessities at low prices.