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(Watch) The dying art of rickshaw painting
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(Watch) The dying art of rickshaw painting

If you roam around the cities of Bangladesh, you will see a million colourful rickshaws with larger-than-life characters and events painted on them. After the Partition of India in 1947, rickshaw painting evolved and became popular in the streets of Bangladesh. Now though, the art form is slowly dying as the artists are unable to pass on the long-standing tradition. If they don’t find a way to survive, in a couple of decades, we may not find any rickshaw painters left in the country

  • Hidden Heroes | Ep 01 | Akhi Sets an Example of Loving Their Neighbors

    World Vision Bangladesh and The Daily Star jointly present to you "Hidden Heroes" - a video series where we portray real stories of ordinary people with extraordinary impact during this global pandemic.

  • 90 ethnic minority villages in Sylhet free of Coronavirus

    Although coronavirus cases have been reported in all areas of Sylhet division in the last five months, no Covid-19 patients have been found in the 90 small indigenous villages. The 40,000 people in these remote areas at the forefront of complying with hygiene regulations to prevent infection. Watch the video to know more.

  • Sinha killing event recreated at Shamlapur

    Investigators brought OC Pradeep, Inspector Liaqat and Sub-inspector Nandadulal Rakshit to the spot where Maj (retd) Sinha Rashed Khan was killed on July 31, to provide a blow-by-blow account of what happened. The media was invited to watch from the sidelines.

  • August 21 grenade attack

    August 21 blast: Victims’ accounts

    August 21, 2004 was a ghastly chapter in the political history of Bangladesh.

  • (Watch) #StopHateForProfit - Facebook's reckoning

    Facebook is dealing with its largest-ever advertiser boycott as some of America’s biggest brands commit to pulling advertising from the platform in regards to its failure of policing hate speech. In recent weeks Facebook has drawn heavy criticism from both employees and lawmakers over its inaction to inflammatory posts by President Trump.

  • 350 families lose everything to river erosion in Gaibandha

    A total of 350 families have so far lost everything to river erosion in Gaibandha.

  • Goaldah girls a ray of sunshine in the gloom

    Walking towards a school field -- more like a small open space at the front of a building -- on a gloomy day with the earth muddied by incessant rainfall, this reporter was awestruck to see a bunch of school girls practising football with razor sharp focus even in such a poorly facilitated environment.

  • India: Smart Scrap

    Only 20 percent of global e-waste is recycled, while 95 percent of India’s e-waste is recycled in the informal sector and in a crude manner.

  • Why was my son killed?

    “Why was my son killed? If he had broken any law, they could have shot him in the leg or injured him or made him surrender or taken him to the police station for interrogation. But why was he murdered?”

  • Watch: Music in the time of Covid-19

    In this video story, we tried to find how artists wrote, composed and released songs from home in the midst of a pandemic that halted all normal activity

  • [ভিডিও] আলো-ছায়ায় শাহ আব্দুল করিম সমাধি সৌধ

    আধুনিক স্থাপত্য শৈলীতে নির্মিত দৃষ্টি নন্দন এই সমাধি সৌধটি যেন মরমি কবি আব্দুল করিমের দর্শনেরই এক প্রতিবিম্ব। এর নকশা করেছেন স্থাপত্য প্রতিষ্ঠান বাস্তুশিল্পের প্রধান স্থপতি আদর ইউসুফ ও এর স্ট্রাকচারাল ডিজাইনার হিসেবে ছিলেন সুনামগঞ্জ জেলা পরিষদের প্রকৌশলী প্রণব রায় চৌধুরী।

  • Bengalis celebrate Eid in the UK

    An estimated 2.8 million Muslims living in the UK, including half a million strong Bengali community, have celebrated the holy festival of Eid-ul-Azha with family members in a limited manner as coronavirus lockdowns remain and new restrictions have been introduced in the northern cities of England.

  • The impact of Covid-19 on small businesses

    Bangladesh’s GDP which was enjoying an exponential growth of 8.15 percent would be slowing down significantly due to Covid-19. According to the Economist Intelligence unit (EIU), the decline of GDP could lower down to 4 percent. The hardest hit would be the small business sector. This sector contributes 20.25 percent in our GDP growth and accounts for 35-40 percent of our employment. Hence the government and private sector has to take special steps for survival of small enterprises/businesses.

  • (Watch) Pineapple chips, a saviour for farmers in the hills

    Pineapple chips, an innovative and nutrition-dense snack, are currently being produced at Naniarchar upazila of Rangamati in a bid to help farmers who often do not get a fair price because of a production glut.

  • What’s the source of garbage on Cox’s Bazar sea beaches?

    Cox’s Bazar beaches have suddenly been covered with hundreds of tons of waste as if the garbage we’ve thrown into our oceans is coming back to haunt us. Starting from July 11 plastic, electronic waste, torn nylon nets have all washed up on the shores causing death to the entangled marine life. The waste spreads for kilometers at Cox’s Bazar. More than 40 sea turtles ensnared in the nylon nets have died while hundreds of rescued turtles have been released back into the ocean.

  • Nine cricketers to resume individual training

    A total of nine interested players, who submitted their names to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), will be resuming individual training in different BCB-run training facilities across the country from Sunday.

  • Flooding: Immense suffering for lakhs of people in Bogura

    More than 1.25 lakh people have been suffering immensely since June 26 due to the flood situation in Bogura's Dhunat, Sonatala and Sariakandi upazilas.

  • [WATCH] One woman’s initiative to feed thousands in Bangladesh

    Nafisa Anjum Khan, in a CNG autorickshaw loaded with various foodstuffs and daily essentials, goes about the city looking for those who don’t have food at home.

  • Manobik Haat for the small businesses lost to Covid-19

    During the Covid-19 crisis, many of the small traders of Dhaka’s Dwipnagar slum lost their livelihoods. Switch Bangladesh Foundation came forward to help the unfortunate and give them a chance to get back in business. To know more watch Star Live’s video.

  • [Watch] Councillor Khorshed: a Covid-19 fighter

    Councillor Khorshed came forward at a time when the closest people of those dead with Covid-19 or with symptoms would not carry on with the funeral proceedings.

  • (Watch) A look into the lives of Cambodia’s gentle giants

    For generations, elephants have been inextricably tied to the lands of Mondulkiri in Cambodia. The people who call this place their home -- the indigenous Bunong community -- share a unique bond with the gentle giants of the land.

  • Chakra cleansing for good health

    We have an astral plane made up of energy centres called chakras that have its own mantra sound or vibrational frequency and postures and foods which nourish it. They govern our physical and psychological body. The chakras align with our endocrine system,thus when balanced, we experience healthy functioning of our mind and body. When imbalanced, conditions of disease arise rooted in this energy system.

  • (Watch) Coronavirus claims 3 lives of doctor’s family

    The continuous rise of coronavirus cases in Bangladesh has surpassed the 50,000 mark. Yet, instead of taking more cautious measures, some have begun to take a more lax attitude towards the crisis. The daily counts are not just numbers; these are real people with dreams and families.

  • (Watch) Quick and easy Banana Bread recipe

    If you are stuck at home and exhausted nearly every other activity you could think of, why not give recipe experimentations a try?

  • (Watch) Peace and quiet for wildlife at Lawachara

    Lawachara National Park, abuzz with people all year round, is now a paradise for wild animals. Rare species of wild boar, deer, monkeys, and different species of birds can be seen in this habitat consisting of 169 species of plants and 276 species of animals.

  • Brahmanbaria Map

    1 killed, over 100 houses damaged during storm in Brahmanbaria

    One person died and over a hundred houses were damaged and trees were uprooted as a storm, followed by torrential rain, lashed out in Nasirnagar and Sarailupazilas of Brahmanbaria this morning.

  • Libya killings: Human traffickers demanded Tk 10 lakh ransom for Jashore’s Rakibul

    Libyan human traffickers had demanded Tk 10 lakh ransom for Jashore’s Rakibul, one of the 26 Bangladeshi nationals killed by traffickers in the North African country, claimed family members.

  • (Watch) Children of tea workers helping their own community

    Rema Tea Garden in Chunarugat Upazila of Habiganj district has been closed since March. In order to meet the food crisis created in this situation, the children of tea workers have stood by the 480 families who depend on the garden for their livelihoods.

  • Fatal Blaze at United Hospital: Burnt unit had no fire safety

    The isolation unit for coronavirus patients at United Hospital was makeshift, it lacked fire safety measures and was built in violation of the Bangladesh National Building Code, fire service officials said yesterday.

  • (Watch) Rooftops: Entertainment hubs in coronavirus times

    City dwellers are living captive lives confined inside apartments due to the pandemic. Many have resorted to seek space and solace on their rooftops. People of all ages have flocked to their roofs to breathe the uncharacteristically clean air.