No blacklist for Morgan

The ECB will not hold Eoin Morgan's decision to not tour Bangladesh against him when they select teams for future tours, England supremo Andrew Strauss said. Photo: Reuters

England supremo Andrew Strauss has said there will be no "blacklist" for Eoin Morgan despite the one-day captain, along with fellow batsman Alex Hales, opting out of the Bangladesh tour on security grounds.

Former England captain Strauss said the decision would not be held against the pair, with Morgan set to lead the one-day side on their subsequent tour of India.

"From the start we said there are not going to be any recriminations," Strauss said Sunday.

"It's not like these guys are going to be black-listed and their names will not be put forward for selection. They absolutely will be," Strauss added. "Both have done outstanding jobs for England over the last 12 months, especially Eoin Morgan whose captaining has been sensational.

"Of course, we can't give any guarantees because the situation might change on the ground in Bangladesh. Someone might come in and do unbelievably well, but the intention is for Eoin to come back in as captain and Alex will be in the mix for selection as well." 


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