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02:21 PM, February 21, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:10 AM, March 14, 2015



We have discussed the scenario of music in this country. The forms of Bengali music have changed a lot and the business of selling music through CD's is nothing but an economic pitfall. This has created quite a crisis for the music industry here in Bangladesh. However it seems the youth of our country is finding solutions that may lead to the industry's rejuvenation. They are taking the idea of music very seriously and finding out new ways to get recognition and make an artists' profession sustainable. This new generation of musicians come from families with solid connections to music and they undergo proper education on music from reputed institutions. This means that they take music way more seriously than the current generation. This leads us to believe that when they’ll start seriously in the industry, they will diversify our music culture and be able to bring in new audiences that are not limited to our own country, and will reinvent the Bangla music. Their strength isn't only limited to making music, but also marketing it through the use of online media. They can fully utilize online media in such a way that their audiences won't simply be Bengalis anymore but also citizens from other countries as well. Armeen is also part of this generation and we hope that she and others like her would be able to lift the industry out of its rut and reinstate it as a glorious podium to our success.

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