The Magic of Bangladeshi popular actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim
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The Magic Of Mim

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim – a name that combines beauty and brain with the sheer presence of sincerity and discipline! Born in Rajshahi, she stepped into the world of showbiz in 2007 through Lux Channel i Superstar. She is presently seen in movies, TV dramas and TVCs and is wholeheartedly loved by her fans and followers. Her engaging smile and charming personality have turned her into a quintessential beauty, ensuring a graceful yet humble appearance wherever she goes. Her outstanding performance in 'Jonakir Alo' crowned her the National Award for the Best Actress in 2014. Star Showbiz presents to you an interview with Bidya Sinha where she talks about her upcoming movies and plans for 2018!

Thank you for your time! How many movies are you currently working on?

I have worked in three movies which are set to be released very soon. One is Ami Neta Hobo by Uttam Akash. Shakib Khan has acted opposite to me in this film. We did some overseas shooting for it. Working with Shakib Khan has always been a pleasant experience as we get to learn many things from each other. The two other films are Pashan and Daag. Pashan is directed by Saikat Nasir, the well-known actor Om from West Bengal has worked alongside me on this. In Daag I have worked with Bappy Chowdhury. I really hope the viewers like all three films!

Are you working on any exclusive movie for Eid?

No, I haven't signed anything like that for Eid yet. Eid movies are very special to us; they are usually of big budget and are structured thoughtfully. I like the kind of movies that have a constructive story. If I get a script like that, I will definitely work on it.

You manage to pull off modeling and acting quite smoothly. Hasn't it ever become tough to accommodate both  simultaneously?

Modeling and acting in movies are like two different poles of the world. I started my career with modeling. I still love it. But acting in movies gives me an ecstatic experience. It requires more time and determination. When I act in a film, I try to sink into my character and function like the way my director wants. On the other hand, in modeling, I represent myself directly. It is lot quicker and less dramatic.

Including movie production, scripts, artists and technicalities in Dhaliwood, movies have changed over time. How do you see this transition from present to past?

I have seen a lot of changes in the last ten years. Amongst everything, what amazes me the most is the growing positivity of our viewers towards Bangladeshi movies. This change is, of course, due to the modern scripts and production systems. People working here are producing good movies and television dramas. The movies that have earned their credibility in the last decade have a strong hold on direction and cinematography. Talented producers and directors are the reasons we are enjoying movies like Jonakir Alo, Amar Ache Jol, Doob, Haldaa and Gohin Baluchor.

Have you ever thought of producing or directing in the future?

To produce or direct a movie, a person needs two things – a sea of experience and a lot of money. In the film industry a sound knowledge on production and sustainable experience in movie making are must. Money is also mandatory to produce a high-quality film. Even though the industry has gone through a lot of changes, our producers still think twice before budgeting films. The risk of sustaining losses is always there. So, yeah, if I ever become that knowledgeable and brave, I might give it a try! (Laughs)

To make people more theatre-oriented, what changes do you think Bangladeshi movie makers should bring?

As I always say, there is no alternative to a good script. If a script has depth and a message to convey, the movie is inevitable to hit the box office. Previously, we had a scarcity of good script. But things have been changing recently. People are coming to theatres to watch their favourite artists. I know things are moving slow, but we are hopeful. Cinematography, artists and good scripts – these are the parameters to categorize a movie if that is good or bad.

Channel i presents Lux Superstar has embarked again in search of a talented face. As the torch bearer of 2007, what would be your suggestion for this year's contestants?

First and foremost, the contestants have to keep in mind that this platform has its invaluable history of success. One needs to learn and sharpen herself continuously in order to compete with other talents. It is not just about a pretty face, this quest aims to bring out someone who is confident, disciplined, smart and talented. One needs to have strong determination and patience to win the crown. With a crown comes responsibility. Our Lux Superstar will have to know how to handle responsibility in time.

Do you have any special message for your admirers?

I would like to thank all my fans and admirers for their love and support. They have been with me for the last 10 years; I know they will be with me as long as I work sincerely. I will request all the fans to go and watch my upcoming movies in the theatre. This is how we can bring back the glorious days of Bangla cinema. Finally, take care and keep me in your prayers! 


Interviewed by Sanjida Chowdhury

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