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  • Sanjida Chowdhury

  • Closing the Gaps for a Better Work Environment

    Bangladesh has witnessed its best times in terms of economic growth in the last decade or so. Now is the most opportune moment to amplify its growth by efficiently focusing on the skills gaps prevailing at different areas.
  • Running towards a purpose

    Enduring the early morning rain, nearly 500 runners gathered at Hatirjheel on August 3, 2018, for a 5K run to advocate safe spaces for youth and a positive lifestyle garnered with sound health.
  • Making Youth Voices Count

    Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) is hosting the fifth Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) to amplify the voices of young citizens and inform and include them in the processes that shape national policies. This engagement is imperative to reflect upon the existing challenges and opportunities faced by youth.
  • Plugged-in: Emon Chowdhury

    Emon Chowdhury is one of the virtuosos of the Bangladeshi music industry. Modern Bangla songs have seen a rise with his fantastic guitar compositions.
  • Are we prepared to face a volatile job market?

    The global economic outlook of Bangladesh looks positive due to its high GDP growth rate, political stability, and geopolitical support.