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HEERA On Silver Screen

Heera is one of the most iconic figures of the modelling industry, who first came into the limelight after debuting in ‘Lux Channel i Superstar’ in 2008. She has proven her talent as an actor by starring in several television dramas, with a new movie coming very soon. The versatile model has been praised for both her beauty and brain, which have also helped her remain in this industry for over a decade. Recently, she sat down for an interview with Rafi Hossain to discuss her views on the modelling and television industries and their current states.

Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today, we are here with popular model and actor Heera. Heera, you recently finished shooting for a film. Could you tell us more about that?

Heera: Everyone was expecting me to star in a film for some time now. This project was actually quite sudden, but I found the script to be really interesting. This is Chayanika Chowdhury’s first film. It is titled Bishwa Shundori, and it will be released very soon.

Rafi: Your character is not being highlighted much in the promotion of the film. Why is that so?

Heera: The filmmakers want my character to be a surprise to the audience as the role that I’m playing is a little different. So, I only make a small appearance in one of the songs that have already been released. Moreover, acting in a film while being a model will, in itself, be a surprise as well.

Rafi: Do you plan to act in more films after this one?

Heera: A lot of people heard that I was working on this film and since then, I’ve already received many offers.

Rafi: A lot of people compare you to Kareena Kapoor Khan. Do you consider yourself her fan?

Heera: During my childhood, I did like her as an actor, but I was never a fan. I actually disliked being compared to her because every time I post a picture, people commented underneath saying how much we look alike. It frustrated me before as I have my own identity and I don’t want to be known as someone else’s lookalike. But, overtime, I got used to the comments and it doesn’t bother me as much anymore.

Rafi: Is there any celebrity whose fashion sense you follow?

Heera: I don’t follow any individual celebrity, but I do pick up certain aspects from certain looks. I like the fashion sense of Gigi Hadid and Angelina Jolie, but I like to focus on my personal style.

Rafi: You once mentioned that even if you get a lot of movie offers, you want to only continue ramp modelling as that is your passion. Why is that so?

Heera: I am a model and that is what I want to focus on. A lot of people are getting into acting nowadays, but many good movies are not being made. If I do work on a project, I would want it to be exceptional and unique with a mix of different characters. I want my character to be remembered and touch people’s hearts.

Rafi: You previously mentioned that you’re a fan of Shahrukh Khan. What would you do if you got a film offer with him?

Heera: It would be a dream come true for me. If I get to work with him, I will truly feel that I have succeeded in life.

Rafi: Are you still doing television dramas and ramp modelling?

Heera: Yes, I’m still doing both. However, when it comes to ramp modelling, I’m very selective nowadays and don’t work for every brand. There are two reasons behind this: my paycheck is quite high and the quality of such shows has deteriorated.

Rafi: Those involved with the television and music industries complain about a decline in the quality of work being made. Do you face the same issue in the modelling industry?

Heera: I would definitely say so. The budget and the quality have both decreased, which has led the industry to such a state. Previously, I felt a kind of unity with other models, and the environment we worked in was comfortable. However, it’s not the same anymore. That is why I only model for shows which I find are a good fit for me. Other than that, I always participate in the annual ramp modelling shows. For instance, we have the Bangladesh Fashion Week this month which is a three-day event. I will definitely participate in it.

Rafi: What advice would you give to the newer models? What unique factor would you say you have that helped you remain a part of this industry for such a long time?

Heera: I would say I had to endure a lot of struggles. I think patience and perseverance are two virtues that many newcomers lack. Additionally, when it comes to ramp modeling, they have to meet certain criteria for height and body structure. These factors should always be taken into account before opting for this career. My career began with Lux and the competition I faced really helped me grow.

Rafi: Is there any director in Bangladesh you want to work with?

Heera: I would love to work with Amitabh Reza and Giasuddin Selim as their work is exceptional. If Chayanika Chowdhury continues making films, I would want to work with her again as well.

Rafi: Can you name a few actors you would like to work with?

Heera: I would have to say Shahrukh Khan, Tom Cruise and Arifin Shuvoo are a few people I’d love to work with. There are a lot of newcomers in the industry who are doing quite well nowadays. Siam is definitely one of them. He also acted in Bishwa Shundori, and I saw the effort he puts into acting.

Rafi: Do you have a parting message for our readers?

Heera: People have been asking me to do a film for a long time, and I finally have one coming out soon. I would request the readers to watch the film, Bishwa Shundori. I also want to thank you, Rafi bhai, and The Daily Star for always being beside me.

Rafi: You’re most welcome, Heera. We hope your film will be a success and we wish you the best in life.

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