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  • YouTube for education: Where entertainment meets learning

    Education-oriented videos on YouTube is not unheard of. YouTube's array of educational videos range from solely academic animations to more general knowledge based skits.

  • YouTube's Music Channels

    Cutesy melancholic beats with titles that are short stories, arranged with pastel-toned background art. Good for introspection or maybe just a little crying.

  • Social media reactions we all need

    Your neighbor has smashed the leg day, arm day and every other part of their body and ensures there is a post about it every five minutes.

  • When YouTube is your history teacher

    History is one of those things everyone can enjoy, as long as it's presented to them in some easily palatable manner.

  • (Bad) Harry Potter Spin-offs

    After years of the fandom asking J.K. Rowling to give us more information about the Marauders and their early adventures

  • Guide to an Aesthetic Feed on Instagram

    There are three types of people, the ones who strive for perfection, the inbetweeners and the ones who don't care at all. If you fall in the latter category in Instagram and your feed is a brain dump, this is a good position to stop reading.


    As I put Blank Banshee's seminal album on for the first time, something echoed back to me and kept on doing so, till the album had stopped playing indefinitely.

  • Deciphering Facebook Photo Captions

    Gone are the days when photos came with definitive captions like “My friend Montu and I in Noakhali”.

  • Surviving as a Normie 101

    Have you been called a “hecking normie” for being a hecking normie?

  • Finding Homes Away From Home

    “You guys go ahead,” you tell your friends, “I just need to go home and get…” The rest of your sentence fades away as you feel the weight of your words. At what point of your limited time in university did your dormitory earn the title of “home”?