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YouTube Cooking Shows to Soothe your Soul

The entire genre of cooking shows has experienced an insane level of growth in the last two decades; what with channels such as the Travel and Living Channel (TLC) hosting a plethora of cooking shows to appease the appetite of their viewers. These shows have become a part of our lives, and it isn't a weird occurrence for us to watch them without the need to actually learn a recipe.

More recently, however, the industry has changed quite drastically; the days of feel good cooking shows is slowly coming to an end, with the growth of entertainment style cooking shows booming. If you're confused by what that means, well it's less Nigella Bites and more Hell's Kitchen. And while Hell's Kitchen maybe quite fun to watch, it isn't a direct substitute for a feel good cooking show that not only teaches you a recipe, but can be left playing in the background while you fall asleep. Cooking is an art form and trying to turn it wholly into an entertainment business, with cooking competitions left and right, does little justice to how great classic cooking shows truly can be.

Thankfully, for those of you tired of cooking shows on cable TV, YouTube is here to save you from this “kitchen nightmare”. Look no further than YouTube's enormous library of cooking shows, with a variety of intricate twists just for your viewing pleasure.

Without any further delay, here's a list of some of the best cooking shows that YouTube has to offer:



A channel originating from Kolkata, India, Bong Eats celebrates Bengali food and the unique approach used to cook it. With more of the world becoming multicultural with every passing year, Bengali and Indian cuisines are slowly becoming some of the most popular worldwide. While recipes are easily available, most of them lack clear instructions or do not explain the traditional methods used in cooking these tantalising dishes. The purpose of the Bong Eats channel is to provide detailed insight into cooking traditional Bengali and Indian cuisine for everyone.



Hosted by Alex, who we can only presume to be French, the channel is a mix of casual cooking combined with enthusiast level experimenting. Alex tries everything from preparing his own ingredients, such as cheese and meat, to improving upon classic recipes; along the way, he also graces his audience with tips and tricks regarding shopping for fresh produce to adding unique twists to everyday recipes. Combined with his fresh and unique personality, what Alex brings to the table is a wide variety of cooking related content that can cater to everyone's needs.



Ever found yourself dismayed because you do not have a certain piece of equipment in your kitchen to cook your favourite dish? Maybe you are craving pizza and you just don't have an oven handy. Well, the Brothers Green is here with the solution. The show is hosted by Josh and Mike Greenfield, the duo that makes up the aforementioned Brothers Green. Their entire purpose is to simplify cooking to the extreme basics. If you wake up in the middle of the night with nothing but leftovers in the fridge, the Brothers Green have you covered with ideas and recipes for basic meals which taste amazing.  More than anything, they try to show their audience how to use simple ingredients, which are usually readily available in your fridge or pantry, to cook insanely delicious dishes.


The You Suck at Cooking channel is host to a cooking show unlike any other you'll ever watch. With regular skits and crazy ongoing stories involving eggs, the mysterious host of the channel knows how to entertain his audience with fresh content. While at its core, the channel provides a simple guide to cooking, it is layered in with multiple forms of entertainment to ensure that viewers are kept captivated for the full duration of each video. You Suck at Cooking tries to show the audience that even if you do indeed “suck” at cooking, with the right guide, even you can make tasty dishes. 

Note: There's a cool plot involving eggs playing policemen and gangsters which everyone should watch.



The Bon Appetit channel comes equipped with a wide variety of shows, hosted by either regular staff or guest hosts. The result being an amazing journey from start to finish for the viewers. What Bon Appetit does, unlike any other cooking show, is fuse together everything foodies love. They'll do something as simple as showcase a recipe for an Apple pie, while they show you how to make more “gourmet” versions of everyday food items. Additionally, there are also shows where mainstream celebrities join in with the regular hosts to make for some excellent episodes of cooking, with celebrities sometimes creating their own unique dishes.



Binging with Babish, hosted by Adrew Rea, is probably one of YouTube's most successful cooking shows. Andrew gives his channel a unique twist by mainly producing two different shows, Basics with Babish and another of the same name as the channel itself. Basics with Babish is exactly what the name suggests; basic cooking recipes that anyone and everyone can use. In this show, Andrew really showcases simple tips and tricks that elevate the quality of the final dish. From cooking the perfect burger to Tonkotsu Ramen, the Basics with Babish show covers almost all grounds. Then there's the Binging with Babish show where, for the most part, Andrew cooks dishes from popular movies and TV shows, usually ending the episode by adding his own twist on these pop culture food items. A fan favourite is the Moistmaker sandwich from the TV show Friends. The sandwich which drove Ross insane. Another one to watch is the Sloppy Jessica taken from the world of Brooklyn 99.  


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