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  • Internet man starts #notallwomen movement

    Quite recently, the internet found itself divided, yet again, after one man from Donmondi started the notallwomen (NAW) movement on the social networking site Facebrood.
  • 4 Graphic Novels You Need to Read

    As both your Netflix queue and reading list start dwindling, maybe it's time to diversify the content you consume. And a good compromise for fans of books and TV shows would be to start with graphic novels.
  • Space flight now commercialised

    The date is May 30, 2050. American company SpaceHex has finally launched its services for commercial flights to Mars, 30 years after SpaceHex made its first successful manned launch.
  • Football's Coming Home

    The English Premier League returns to action tomorrow, and we are more emotional than we need to be. But for good reason.
  • Local trillionaire donates BDT 100,000 only to Covid-22 research

    Joshim Bashon -- local entrepreneur, CEO of shipping ;), Math Genuis, IBU alumnus, founding father of Amazing.com and saviour of the masses (this is copied directly off his official Facebook page) -- recently made headlines when he made a public donation for research into Covid-22.