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  • Of Cancelled Matches and Empty Arenas

    We are living in a strange time. I think for the first time in a while, people are promoting staying at home over going out and “carpe diem”, or whatever is the general jazz most motivational speakers like to throw your way.
  • TUITION WANTED: At what cost?

    “At the beginning of 2019, I found myself desperately in need of a job. With no other alternative, I resorted to looking for a job as a tutor and found myself in direct contact with one of the many tuition media pages on Facebook.

    Do you have an old laptop lying around the house that no one has the patience to even turn on? Perhaps its usefulness can be likened to that of the exit button on Skype.
  • A foodie’s journey

    There’s an influx of food bloggers entering the market now in Bangladesh. The initial cost of entry is almost non-existent since everyone has a smartphone at this point, so more and more people try their hand at this particular career/hobby.
  • Sticking to FPL

    The football season is getting even closer, and with it, the time to set your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) teams.