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  • The 100-year Rain

    Silence. That’s what the pitter-patter of rain sounded like now. It had been so long, and there was no rainbow at the end of this nightmare.
  • Essential Entrepreneurship Documents

    There are many challenges that an individual faces when starting up their business, and at the forefront of these challenges is becoming familiar with the essential documents for running their business.

    University students have a myriad of obstacles they have to tackle outside of their academics. One such problem that they have to tackle is the issue of managing transport to and from their respective universities.
  • GAMING LAPTOPS: Legit or lagging behind?

    Gaming laptops have long attempted to bring about the revolution and oust the desktop PC from its throne in the gaming empire. Unfortunately, as those who bought these laptops would tell you, they couldn’t quite live up to the mark.
  • Budgeting basics for the youth

    It’s that time of the year again, when we look at the papers and see a bunch of numbers that we don’t totally understand, but know is important. The National Budget 2019-20 has been presented and it’s time to think about the implications it will have on our lives.