Dealing with a parent’s social media addiction

Before, parents used to be concerned about their children's internet habits. Now it's different.

YouTube Food Channels with a Twist

There’s something about food that makes us happy. We just love it. We love eating it, we love smelling it, and if YouTube views are to

The story of a social networking app

Hi, my name is Snapshoot. I was a social networking app that had once been on the top, and now I’m rolling down in the mud, trying to cling on so that I don’t fall into the grave Facecopy dug for me.

Blogs to follow for writers

There are times, for almost every writer out there, when they find themselves at a complete loss for words. Either they get backed up in a corner without a clue about how to continue further with their content, dried out of any enthusiasm and inspiration, or merely need help with building their information base.

Friends as Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are what you use to stay connected with friends, but ironically, your friends can also be labelled as one of those messaging apps. Read along and then pick a friend for each category.

How to get the best out of online courses and tutorials

The internet has blessed us with different online learning platforms where one can have the access to vast amount of resource materials to enhance their knowledge and to help them develop new skills.

The very best of late night on Youtube

Late night shows are one of the few forms of talk shows that work on both traditional television as well as YouTube. And the shows listed below have taken full advantage of that fact.

5 must-watch Netflix stand-up comedy specials

When most people get a Netflix subscription for the first time, they're usually excited about all the shows they will get to stream in high definition without having to painstakingly look for it.

YouTube Cooking Shows to Soothe your Soul

The entire genre of cooking shows has experienced an insane level of growth in the last two decades; what with channels such as the Travel and Living Channel (TLC) hosting a plethora of cooking shows to appease the appetite of their viewers.

Making a YouTube Rewind for Bangladesh

YouTube Rewind 2018, undeniably one of those fewest things on the planet that pretty much brought every community on the internet together to show that hatred too can create great bonding experiences. What if YouTube's dumpster fire had a local spin-off? Here is a possible recipe for disaster.

YouTube animation on the rise

Having grounded its roots in the early 2000s, the web animation phenomenon has managed to excavate its way through the endless arcade of web content.

The Languages of the Internet

There is a variety of languages which even seasoned linguists fail to comprehend. And these languages exist where everything exists. Yes, you guessed it right: the Internet.

The Best Things about Internet Friends

I remember the first time I joined social media, my parents and relatives had delivered an entire sermon on why I shouldn't be befriending unknown people on the internet. Their descriptions caused me to think of malicious, perverted old men every time the term 'internet friends' was mentioned in front of me. However, over the years, after I learned to distinguish shady internet people from the genuinely good ones

Online Gaming Group Etiquette

There are lots of groups on social media where gamers share their collective passion of videogames. More often than not, however, gamers get a little too passionate and turn the groups into toxic wastelands. Here are some scenarios that are very likely to trigger gamers and a guide on how not to behave in such contexts.

Falling into the depths of YouTube

We've all been there. You went on YouTube to maybe watch a quick tutorial or an interesting TEDxTalk video that your friend gave you a link to. While you're watching, you briefly glance over at the suggestion videos on the right. Most of them seem fairly

Video Essay channels on YouTube

YouTube constantly sees through the rise and fall of trends over time. Some trends leave a longer lasting impression, while others fizz out quickly.