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The Impact of Visuals & Digital Customer Service

Remember those comic books we were crazy about when we were kids? Even today those comic books may draw us more than regular books. Marketing through effective visuals has always been the most important tactic of digital marketing. A recent study shows that the social media site, Instagram, with over 300 million users (430 million estimated by the end of 2015) could be worth US $35 billion, outpacing Twitter.  

In this 4th and final installment of the series, I'll briefly discuss how to market your product and services through effective visuals and how to provide customer service through digital media. These tactics are good for ambitious marketers who want to reach beyond the traditional segment of customers.

A picture is worth 1000 bucks:
If you are following the latest print adverts, you'll see that they are using a technique which enables them to attract most of the customers. The cute kitty photo gets many clicks whereas the less emotional quote of a wise man as text really has to fight for attention. Today there is even a trend to incorporate attractive images with nice quotes – making them better visible in online communities. When it comes to grabbing the attention of today's busy social media consumer, visual content is the cat's meow. A study by ROI Research revealed that fans and followers are 40 percent more likely to engage with brands that post pictures than any other type of media. Content containing images reap 94 percent more total views that content without.
Finally if you are a startup business owner or just a fresher in the digital marketing arena, you need to start using designed infographics as your digital marketing tactic which will eventually attract the attention of your consumer. Just wrap your info and campaign as little artworks and offer detailed information in compact form. 

Digital customer service:
Do you know that Airtel is providing customer service virtually through “Online Airtel Experience Center”? Do you know most of the telecom service providers are offering customer service through apps?

Having a digital customer service function doesn't just mean setting up a company Twitter account so that customers can tweet complaints to you. Done right, an effective strategy is a complex and gradual process, which integrates the delivery of customer service and support via the web and the social networks into the very fabric of your organisation. Think about this for just a minute as it relates to your own behaviour. 

Think about how will you go and buy a new SIM for using internet. If you are like me, then you'll definitely go for a prior research to figure out what will be the best package for you. You'll ask questions related to usage to the customer service agent @ the telco store. Then you'll choose the best option for you as per their suggestion. 

Now what if I tell you that you won't need to go to any store for all these and you can get a SIM shipped to your place just like that? Airtel Virtual Store is offering customer service through online portal. You just need to log in, browse, enter info in regards to your daily usage, and the store will tell you which package would suite you best. Then you pay and get the SIM shipped to you. 
Now think about what systems you have in place to serve your customers – across multiple channels. 

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The writer is a professional with over 11 years of experience in mobile banking and digital marketing and is currently the Head of mCommerce Operations at Airtel Bangladesh Ltd.

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