Social Media

Social Media

It’s just a phase and it’s great

Not all phases necessarily have to be life-changing events.

Are people losing themselves in internet labels?

The problem that comes with these rigid labels is that not everyone can fit under just a single one.

All social media needs “dislike” buttons

Dislike buttons should be ubiquitous on social media. Here’s why.

Five global tech firms paid Tk 4.6 crore VAT in August to NBR

Five global tech firms paid Tk 4.6 crore as value added tax (VAT) in August with social media giant facebook depositing the highest amount, which reflects the growing desire of businesses to advert about their product and services in the digital sphere.

31 Facebook pages deactivated for spreading rumours on stockmarket

Thirty-one Facebook pages have been deactivated for their alleged involvement in spreading rumours on the stock market, according to a disclosure made by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC).

Facebook, YouTube don’t listen to calls to remove defamatory contents: Jabbar

Facebook and YouTube often do not respond to Bangladesh’s requests to remove defamatory contents from their platforms, Posts and Telecom Minister Mustafa Jabbar said today.

Facebook deposits Tk 2.4cr VAT directly after registration

Social media giant Facebook has deposited nearly Tk 2.4 crore in value-added tax (VAT) after it got registration for the indirect tax with the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Twitter weeding out users advocating violence

Twitter says its internal controls have been allowing it to weed out accounts being used for the "promotion of terrorism" earlier rather than responding to government requests to close them down.

A Study on Anonymity

Freedom of speech will always be a controversial topic. I will neither shun it nor sing its praise because morality is incredibly subjective.


Remember those wonder years when our 11-year-old selves would pray to become college-bound adults? When we thought that graduation at 21, employment at 23 and a grand wedding at 25 would be a piece of cake?

5 Ways to Get Viral on Facebook

Admit it; you are secretly jealous of Facebook celebrities hogging all the likes, hearts and 'R U NYC' comments on their posts.

Fascinatingly Strange Facebook Art Pages

Take one large social media platform. Add in three tablespoons of whimsical art, a piece of unconventional fiction chopped into cubes, a litre of underlying messages that put life into perspective, a generous sprinkling of witty humour and then mix it all up. What do you get? These amazing Facebook pages.

Instagram hacked by 10-year-old boy

A 10-year-old Finnish boy named Jani gets $10,000 (£7,000) after he found a security flaw in image-sharing social network Instagram.

Facebook lets blind people 'see' photos

As the internet becomes dominated by images, Facebook is launching a system which can "read" photos and tell visually impaired people what appears in them.

‘Social media guidelines’ for civil servants

The government has issued a draft 11-point guideline for social media use of public servants with provisions against propagation of political ideology and provocative statements.

Will you like Facebook’s new reaction?

Do you ever "like" something on Facebook? If so, life is about to get a bit more complex.

Twitter warns of government 'hacking'

Twitter has sent warnings to a number of users that their accounts may have been hacked by "state-sponsored actors".

Waking for social media leaves pupils 'always tired'

More than one out of every three 12- to 15-year-olds wake in the night at least once a week just to use social media, a Cardiff University study suggests.