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  • “Signs” That Make New Couples Think They're Soulmates

    The beginning of a relationship is undoubtedly the best part of one. It is during that period that most couples notice things about each other that make them wildly exclaim that they are made for each other.

  • Budget Dates vs. Expensive Dates

    Relationships come with their fair share of decision-making. Things that you never really struggled with before, such as what to eat, where to go, what to wear, when to sleep, etc. become a regular concern.

  • Date ideas within your budget

    At this point, going to a date at a restaurant is just not that fun anymore. The fancy restaurant dates on TV might look appealing, but we all know that everyone here just ends up going to the same burger place. But, don't you worry! You might not have the chance to take your significant other out on a fancy date under a gazebo but there are far better places where you guys can go.

  • How to Successfully Exit a Bad Date

    Any of us can face a situation where we start seeing red flags in a date. It can be something in their behaviour that seems shady, or you starting to dislike certain aspects of their personality. The skill needed to exit a bad date is a vital part of modern dating etiquette. In movies, especially chick-flicks, we have seen heroines escape bad dates by excusing themselves to the washroom. However, that is inconvenient in real life. So, what else could you do?

  • How to get over someone you never dated

    First of all, why?

  • How to rekindle an old relationship

    Remember when you first got into the relationship and seeing that person, or seeing their name pop-up on your phone, or just even thinking about them, made you feel all sorts of things?

  • How to deal with trust issues in a relationship

    Is your significant other doing you a heckin distress? Are you having trouble concentrating on your studies because they haven't returned your call yet nor have they replied to your text even though they were “active 5 minutes ago”? Stress no more, fam. I am here to help.

  • Dating Undercover - The Downsides of Secret Relationships

    No, I am not referring to keeping your love life a secret from your parents - we all do that. This is about those sneaky classroom romances that are much better off unannounced or unhindered with.

  • Why Your Relationship Isn't Working Out

    Making your relationship work out is a tough job. The truth is, whether it's a relationship with a boy or a girl or any of the other genders, every relationship has problems. Sadly, nothing is as perfect as a relationship with your kolbalish.

  • The Ways People Break Up

    The other day I was scrolling through twitter and my feed was swamped with #awkwardbreakup tweets for The Tonight Show Starring

  • 6 Signs That You're Falling in Love

    Asked by our lord and saviour Ananta Jalil Probably the First, “What is love?” Is it when you feel a fluttering of butterflies in your belly?

  • Reasons Not to Date a Friend

    The unmerciful onslaught of Disney movies, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's and the other various rom-coms has left the common man with the need for something more – specifically, a romantic partner.


    The art of meeting people has changed from when you had to walk up to someone and find the courage to talk to them.

  • People You Meet in the Morning after the Breakup

    Breakups aren't easy but in Bangladesh, the struggle is on a different level. It's not the end of the world but it'll definitely feel like it is because of everyone around you.

  • How to Win a Breakup

    Breakups aren't just two people splitting up, they are a monumental challenge. It's you versus your ex in an epic battle of who gets to look less broken.

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    Things Not to Say on a 1st (or any) Date

    Have you ever said something on a date that ruined the impression you were trying to create?


    While some relationships end with you thinking “never again!” there are some breakups that leave you wondering if the relationship deserves a second try.

  • What Happens When Best Friends Fall in Love

    A whole load of madness, that's what.

  • Why Men and Women can be Best Friends

    In the movie 'When Harry met Sally', Harry pompously states that men and women can never be friends as a mutual attraction is inevitable.