5 signs it is time to end a friendship

Breaking friendship
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Ending your friendship with a person can be a tough decision. The mere thought of doing so, can convey a sense of guilt through your mind because of the bond you once shared. Nonetheless, if you are someone who has been having doubts about keeping your friendship with an individual, here are five signs there isn't much left to salvage.

They talk behind your back

While this might come off as outrageous, people often do not come to terms with the reality of this situation until much later. There is nothing wrong in finding differences, and if someone does have a problem regarding your behaviour, they should directly communicate with you instead of talking to others about it.

Not taking accountability

Friends are allowed to criticise each other, as long as either of them is not crossing a boundary that has been set. There may have been times when they pointed out your wrongdoings and you went on to do the same.

However, if you took their criticism and decided to fix things, while they end up being dismissive, then you should know that there is something off about the situation and they probably do not hold your opinions in the same regard as you do.

The friendship feels one sided

You have been emotionally available, and have put in the effort to make yourself available to their needs, despite your busy schedule and early mornings, but they have not returned the favour.

Your friend might not be able to always be there, but, you deserve to know they would if they could. If that isn't the case, and they act completely blind to your needs, it is time to cut them off. Wasting your time and energy in a place where it will never be appreciated is not worthwhile.

You don't feel safe around them anymore

When we befriend someone, we share a part of ourselves with them. We tend to confide in them because of the amount of comfort the person provides us with. They are probably the first person to learn about something major that has happened in your life.

However, if you find yourself scared to share personal details with them for fear of their judgement, it might be time to reconsider the place you've given them in your life. You should not have to mask your feelings to make someone else feel better.

They are using you for personal gain

This one might be the worst among all the signs I have mentioned. It hurts to think that someone who you may have referred to as your friend and confidant, has been using you for their personal gain, and only looked to you as a source of benefit.

Coming to terms with losing a friend might be uncomfortable at first, but you will feel a lot better after letting go.

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