READER SUBMISSION / Why is K-Pop so popular?

You might think you know a thing or two about K-pop if you've listened to Gangnam Style but K-Pop is so much more than this one song.

Why You Should Start Watching WWE Again

Admit it, we all watched WWE back in the Attitude Era. With amazing acts like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX, Kurt Angle, The

The TV Show Equivalent of Hot Chocolate

There are currently two kinds of people in the country: the ones with Snapchat stories of day-long wedding festivities, and others who no longer have the taste for anything but warm socks and warmer mugs of beverage. If you're among the latter, you need to get your hands on episodes of Gilmore Girls.

The Curse of the Second Lead Syndrome

Fans of romantic comedies will instantly recognise the widely popular trope.

I can’t keep up with the MCU. Here’s why.

Despite Marvel Studios not stopping churning out movies anytime soon, it is safe to say that the MCU has already run its course.

How Neon Genesis Evangelion is Still Relevant

A series that remains critically acclaimed yet controversial even today.

Berserk, Kentaro Miura’s Unfinished Masterpiece

Looking back at Miura's best work on his 55th birthday.

Watching a K-drama for the first time

The incessant chatter around me about Korean dramas made me curious as to what exactly makes these dramas so special, so I decided to actually watch one. While searching for a drama to watch, the first thing I realised was that the episodes of almost every drama were at least an hour long each and they never went on for many seasons, hence saving the sanity of both viewers and writers.

All things K

And even though they received the lowest scores, their song not only debuted on the top of South Korea's singles charts but also broke all records by remaining at the top for 17 weeks. This opportunity was seized by music companies like SM, JYP and YG appeared; and the rest is history.

Disney - Through The Ages

Disney movies have been a large part of most childhoods, irrespective of location or culture. It's amazing how, aside from all the magic, their stories have also managed to reflect and adapt to evolving world sentiments.


I'm not the biggest fan of classics, since most test my vocabulary and patience from time to time, but yes, a certain few have managed to linger with me over the years.

Limited Edition – All Things Pop Culture

The pop culture scene in Dhaka has been on the rise over the last few years. So to appease the lovers of pop culture, Radio Dhol 94.0FM brings to you a dedicated pop culture show called “Limited Edition” hosted by Kaisar. The show airs on weekdays from 9 pm and runs till midnight.

The Devil You Knew - The Fallen Angel on TV

Conflict is an integral part of any TV show. Whether it is a Romantic Comedy, Drama or Thriller, there is always conflict of some sort in order to drive the plot forward.