How to be supportive to a friend on her period

Women have to face lots of problems, growing up and in their adult life. Men have their own set of issues too. But in this article I'm going to see if I can help those who are willing to help their female friends through a particularly stressful time that they have to deal with, not once, not twice, but on a monthly basis.


Ah, the name invokes a sense of annoyance and repulsion. For five to seven days we are doomed to rapid mood swings, severely painful cramps, bloating and discomfort. The last thing a woman needs when they're battling all this alongside doing all their daily activities and socialising with people when all they would rather do is sleep in, is an unhelpful friend.

So here's a few ways in which you can help make life a little easier for your female friends when they're on their periods.

Don't be a baby when your lady friend needs pads.

Let's be real. Women need it, and at times, the uninvited guest comes to visit slightly earlier than scheduled. It can become a real problem when women don't have access to pads. So if you ever find your female friend asking you to do this favour, don't embarrass her further by making a big fuss of it. You won't be any less of a man if people see you picking up products for females. In fact, I think you'd only be worthy of more respect.

Be patient and understanding.

Like I said before, there's a lot going on in a woman's body that can make her snap a little more than usual. It's no secret that we can get rather annoying and can really test your patience, but go ahead and take one for the team will you? Women were oppressed for centuries, so this should be fairly easy to do.

So the next time that you're aware of her time of the month and you see her having a hard time, be easy on her and keep an open mind. Bring her some hot chocolate and just hold out for the week!

How to help when she's in pain.

Cramps can be quite painful. But you can do something about it! There are a few ways that you can help if you notice her suffering a little more than usual.

You could bring her a heating pad if that's available. If not you can fill a plastic bottle with hot water and wrap it in cloth. That'll do the trick!

You can get her hot chocolate, try and make sure she avoids caffeine!

If things get really bad, get her an over the counter pain killer.

Any girl would be more than happy if she received such support from her male friends!

Don't devalue her feelings just because she's on her period.

Yes, women have more mood swings when they're on their periods but that doesn't mean their feelings don't mean anything. So don't make comments about her being on her period when she seems upset. That doesn't make her feelings any less valuable. All it does is annoy her!

So period or not, women are humans and their feelings, just like yours, need to be valued at all times.

Now you're going to be the friend that everyone looks up to. The one who's not too proud to go into a pharmacy and get your lady friend the very natural product she needs and you'll earn respect from all the woman out there for being so supportive!

Syeda Erum Noor is dangerously oblivious and has no sense of time. Send help at [email protected]


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