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  • Syeda Erum Noor

  • Building of Life

    If it wasn't for the building with the lit up windows, she may have faded into the nothingness that wallowed around her.
  • To be an older sibling

    The role of an older sibling isn't as straightforward as that of a parent. You're more of a friend than a parent.
  • The Umbrella Woman

    She would stay around here, in case he came back for it. She decided. What harm would a few moments do?
  • What it’s like being the teacher’s kid

    Do you know what it feels like to be yelled at by your teacher? Do you know how it feels if that teacher also happens to be your mom?
  • Perfection: Working towards the unattainable goal

    We exist at a time, where competition has never been higher and nearly everyone around us is an overachiever.