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  • Oh, to have an artistic friend...

    Here's a list of things you have to put up with when you decide to befriend an artist.
  • Leading by Example

    Amidst the chaos of Covid-19, many young individuals have dedicated themselves to the service of the disadvantaged, to selflessly support anyone and everyone.
  • Five Stages, One Bad Haircut

    BARGAINING Before you could get comfortable, the hairdresser has already chopped off a good two inches—more than you had asked. Instantly, you begin having a conversation with yourself.
  • From friends to business partners

    Whether we’ve ever successfully started a money-making machine of a business, we’ve either tried it or thought of trying it. Initially, an idea hits you out of nowhere.

    The essence of time is not what it seems. Fleeting and seeping through cracks in hell and space, Learning and failing under the universe and its schemes, Plans that don’t deem you enough to fit in any one place.