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7 Ways to Living Plastic-free

The advent of plastics has drastically changed how things work around here, on earth. It has thoroughly superseded its organic counterparts in terms of resilience, affordability and versatility. A vast majority of the population is reliant on plastic today. It truly was a game-changer when it first emerged and to a great many ignorant it is still regarded as one of the best. Maybe you’d choose one-time plates over doing dishes. Maybe you think there’s nothing wrong with carrying plastic bags. Or maybe you do not know that plastic items can take up to 1000, yes a thousand, years to decompose depending on external conditions, type and size of the vile thing and whatnot. Put another way, a moment on the hands, forever in the lands.

Here are some ways you can cut down your plastic footprint and make headway to a much, much better earth.

Straws are a no-no

One straw definitely seems fine. But on a broader perspective, one straw for all of the 8 billion people in the world is a pretty alarming amount of waste. Face it, straws are an absolute unnecessity.  If you must use one, think of something creative and above all, something bio-degradable. Pasta straws? No, glass straws! Just imagine how many straws you’ll be saving with this new upgrade. Or try the ancient way of sipping, it feels good.

Get a cool, reusable bag

Every time you go for shopping, a cloth bag will save you from carrying plastic bags that will eventually go on to strangle marine life. This way, you’re saving the limited storage in landfills.

Ditch the cling film

Why? Unlike most forms of plastic, cling films are non-recyclable. But your half-eaten sandwich or the chunk of cheese can still be safely wrapped using beeswax food wrap or aluminum foil.

Adios, disposable plastic

One-time plastic utensils (and other things) are not a sustainable option. Most of these items used remain largely in pretty good condition for reuse. So, it is strongly recommended that you reuse that spork from last night’s coleslaw cup. And the cup too. Although it is best to resist the temptation of using these in the first place.

Stay off plastic packaging

This includes a whole lot of scenarios. Next time you order online, request for minimal packaging. Opt to buy fresh fruits in a dozen, preferably packed in a paper bag, rather than showy cut slices draped in cling film. You can always say no to unnecessary plastic in restaurants and shops.

Switch to silicone

Silicone is said to be much more ocean-friendly. Unlike infamous plastic, silicone resists degradation by the sun and sea. So, silicone will not be creating as much havoc as micro-plastics infiltrating our ecosystems and food chains. Let silicone food bags, dishes, lids and cups prevail!

Do your own research

Last but not the least, it is of utmost importance that you actively try to find new and better alternatives and ultimately kick plastic out of your life. Plastic is so ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine a non-plastic option. Identify areas in your lifestyle where plastic usage is predominant and with the combination of the Internet and the supermarket, call it quits. If you ever look it up, you’ll find there are wooden toothbrushes, stainless steel ice cube trays, bamboo cutting boards and so on. And all of these bear one thing in common: they are 100% plastic-free.


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