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  • Types of people in a group chat

    There are certain things in life that are unavoidable: your mid-life crisis, incessant complaints from your parents on your smartphone usage, and logging into your default messenger app to find out that you've been added to another unwanted and pointless group conversation.

  • Habits that damage the quality of our writing

    Good grammatical skills and knowledge in vocabulary can take you a long way when it comes to professional writing. However, there are certain habits we develop while writing, habits that can affect the quality of the write-ups.

  • The Types of Ridesharing Drivers

    Ridesharing services have recently become a popular alternative to public transportation. As such, I have encountered a wide variety of drivers through ride sharing services that gave me quite an insight into human nature.

  • YouTube's weirdest corners

    Daily media consumption has become an integral part of our lives. In the past decade, we've moved from consuming traditional to more digital media; cable TV rolled over into irrelevance as YouTube entered into more and more homes with the mass availability of faster internet.


    Bookstores are like literary heaven for readers. And as readers, there are always a few bookstores that become our happy place over time.

  • The benefits of keeping a diary

    My cousin gave me a beautiful notebook for my eighth birthday. The pages had a woody fragrance and looked like the parchments we see in the Harry Potter films.

  • Breaking out of a procrastination cycle

    You're two hours away from your deadline. You sit at your desk and realise that a cup of coffee will give you a kick start. You drink your coffee while watching a video on YouTube as you tell yourself you're cashing in on your break now and you won't be taking any breaks later.

  • Here's how you become a good listener

    Is there anything more irritating than an inattentive listener? Imagine telling a story, but the only reaction you are met with is your audience staring at their phones.

  • How to not do your chores

    We dread it, we run from it. But mother dearest will appear. And she will hand us a list of chores that will make you roll our eyes and mumble, “Why me?” to our divine deities.


    Have you ever tried meditation and thought it was completely useless? Or maybe you haven't even tried it because you think it doesn't work. I am here to change your mind.

  • Art for your taste buds

    Cakes. Every time you think about one, your imagination isn't just limited to a lump of sugary dough garnished with cream and toppings—you imagine something more, something rather artistic.

  • An expert's guide to buffets

    All-you-can-eat buffets are both a gift and a curse to the world. While they can be incredibly satisfying for those who manage to get their money's worth, most people usually get scammed and return home with empty stomachs and emptier wallets.

  • If people acted like Roald Dahl characters in real life

    During the wonderful time of our lives called childhood, we often came across books, movies and other things that made us extremely happy and still continue to make us happy during adulthood.

  • Noteworthy Female Antagonists

    A morally twisted or grey female antagonist, when done right, can make for an interesting read; adding complexity to the story, and usually bringing a fresher take on a profoundly evil motive. Here are some of the well-written, quality female anti-heroes that not only won over the audience but also left an impact.

  • Types of people you need when organising an event

    Organising an event is a stressful situation and it does not matter whether it is a small one, like a birthday party, or something as big as a graduation ceremony.

  • How to feel more accomplished on weekends

    The weekends, what a wonderful concept! Imagine if they didn't exist, what a nightmare that would be.

  • Beneficial Friends

    The only night you'll remember about the existence of such friends is the one before an exam. You are most likely to forget about them as soon as the exam season comes to a close with no signs of reminiscence till the next one.

  • How to Deal with Overthinking

    My family and close friends know me as an incorrigible over-thinker. According to them, I always tend to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  • Self-help books I wish existed

    The disillusioned intellectual raging at the world from the confines of his own room is not an uncommon character in fiction and at times in real life.

  • The two-wheeled miracle

    “Four legs good, two legs bad,” is a famous quote of George Orwell, brilliantly put in his time-winning satirical fable Animal Farm. This seems to be the other way round, or so it appears, when you wander around Dhaka, a city of lifeless wheelers.

  • Ways to overcome artist's block

    The freedom to create anything you want can sometimes turn into a burden and weighs down your artistic soul.

  • Why you might still need a watch

    Watches had, for the longest time, been considered as tools for use in our daily lives. The ability to check the time by simply glancing at your wrist made life easier for everyone.

  • Stages of Becoming Bespectacled

    That one statement is where it begins for a lot of people. It's the moment you realise someone around you can actually see something you can't.

  • Know your sleep cycle

    Among all the activities that we are supposed to perform every day, sleeping is probably the favourite among most people. The way we interact with the idea of sleep is quite interesting. It evolves as we complete different stages of our lives.

  • Everyday examples for Management terms

    You realise that the person you are dating is terrible. Your mom, your friends, and your 6th grade Science teacher told you so.

  • Why writing is like baking

    One of the most enlightening things I realised when I first started baking was the similarity that it had with the writing process I used in my daily life.

  • Coffee preferences and their human counterparts

    It goes without saying; you have your own particular preferred choice of caffeine intake. To be a socially accepted individual of this generation, you are more often bound to be an ardent coffee lover

  • A Pasta Recipe for Salty People

    Have you ever faced the excruciatingly painful and mind-numbingly annoying task of having to be a host to a salty person? Don't worry; we have just the recipe for you. Our pasta recipe is such that it can make this super salty person a more tolerable creature.

  • A guide to shopping for your girlfriend

    Your mom does your shopping and you only have spare change to work with each day. You've got a crew cut and you wear a beige baggy pant to your coaching at 4pm.

  • How to start your day

    Morning comes and signals the beginning of a new day every time it arrives. How you spend your morning affects how you will feel the rest of the day.