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    People like chocolates. People are like chocolates. When you don't know someone well enough, you might just mistake them for plain milk chocolate, nothing inherently wrong with them, but one dimensional in essence.

  • I went trash free for a day

    The idea behind going trash free is to make a person realise how much unnecessary waste is produced by each of us on a daily basis. A lot of us don't think twice before throwing something into the trash and we almost never think about where our trash ends up.

  • How to annoy your annoying friends

    Because every once in a while, that's the only medicine you can stick to in order to cure the disease. And it's really simple too. All you need to do is observe for a while.

  • Common CV pitfalls

    More often than not, people fret over making their CVs for that perfect first impression. In fact, a lot of people applying to SHOUT as contributors face the trouble of wondering what to put into their CVs or even what it should look like. Here we explore common pitfalls you can avoid.

  • Signs that you are a bad storyteller

    Have you ever tried retelling an amazing story, and realised halfway through that your audience isn't responding to it as you'd hoped? You remember the story captivating you when you heard it, but you've already lost interest in ending it as you look at the expressions of the people around you. What went wrong?

  • Remembering Beyblade

    Rewind time to a decade ago when we had limited access to multimedia entertainment, when most of our schedules were seized by study books and homeworks

  • Board-less games for when you're bored

    Get off your computers and spend some quality time with friends or family by playing some of these fun and easy games anytime, anywhere.

  • Lies my mother told me

    Parenting is hard and children not always lovable. To make this difficult job a little easier, mothers and fathers sometimes resort to little white lies. I've compiled a list of the lies we all probably heard at one point in our childhood:

  • Things you shouldn't assume about anime fans

    Anime is Japan's gift to the human civilisation. Ever since they gained popularity as means of entertainment, they ended up becoming an important part of the Japanese culture.

  • How to survive humiliation in school

    Don't get me wrong. I'm sure you've never had any embarrassing experiences in your life, especially in school. I mean school is the most neutral, peaceful, and safe place in the world. So why would you ever have to go through humiliating situations there, right?

  • How to photograph the night sky from Bangladesh

    As a passionate astrophotographer, I have been the shooting night sky for years now. Amazing as it is, this form of photography allows you to see beyond the sky. It shows you that sky isn't the limit.

  • Climbing the ranks of your University Club

    There will be a lot of clubs to choose from at your university. It will eventually come down to your preference and interest. Once your mind is set to join a club, you don't hesitate to sign up for it and eagerly await for the recruitment to start.

  • Better excuses than “The dog ate my homework”

    Homework can be beneficial. It can teach you to take responsibility for your part in the education process, give you a chance to revise class material and can even help you learn time management.

  • Types of people on a bus ride

    Till the age of 15, bus rides for me meant tragic road accidents. Since then, frequent bus rides from here to there have somewhat reshaped my views on it. The most unexpected U-turn was possibly how I began to notice the people around me.

  • The eight types of people you'll meet before an exam

    Whether it's your A-level exam or just a simple coaching mock, you're bound to meet a wide variety of people with hugely contrasting mentalities right before you sit for one. Some of them you'll hate, others you'll love because you find them so relatable; either way, you better get used to them –

  • Types of people you encounter in a panic situation

    Whether you're giving an exam with no preparation or you're stuck inside a lift on the fifteenth floor, panicking is inevitable. It is human nature to feel the dismay whenever one is stuck in such situations. Under such circumstances, you'll come face to face with people who react to the impending problems each in their own way.

  • Superpowers every school kid needs

    Imagine how comfortable it would be to possess some divine powers that hold you tight with the assurance of school hours being bearable for you. You could resort to them at your own urgency (or pleasure) and bask in the blessings they are meant to bring.

  • Why we need meena again

    In the past couple of years, the world has taken a huge paradigm shift. Through globalisation and changing mindsets, a lot is being spoken about today that was considered taboo even a decade ago. Be it feminism, menstrual hygiene, mental health, environmentalism, body positivity or even the drawbacks of the education system.

  • Myths About Healthy Eating

    Growing up in a Bengali household we have all come across weird theories about food that our grandmothers and mothers told us. Starting from keeping ghosts away with garlic to predicting your exam results, Bengalis love to blame or credit their food habits for what happens in their life.

  • Is your pet proud of you?

    For those of us who own pets, the thought of what they might think of you has probably crossed your mind at least once. Are you being a good pet parent?

  • Thoughts after Eid

    Eid-ul-Azha went by in a blur for me this year, as it does most years. Perhaps that is because I find myself quite uninvolved in the process. Having given up on the concept of visiting gorur haats at the age of nine, the only pre-Eid ceremony I have is my basic conversation with the cow about life and its mysteries.

  • The Introvert's Guide to Surviving Eid Dawats

    The onset of Eid-ul-Azha brings forth a season filled with excitement, merriment, respect, and charity. Family members and friends alike come out and enjoy the festivities (mainly the food) and with it begins the waves of social events and dawats.

  • Time to dye

    I've always been fascinated with colouring my hair vivid colours. I admired the people with electric blue or bold violet hair. I was amused by people who changed their hair colour every week or every month.

  • Perks of living alone

    As people around are becoming more individualistic, the culture of moving out to live alone is gaining momentum, especially in students pursuing higher education.

  • The time limit on experiences

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” — the one question that plagued our childhoods. Somewhere along the line, the answers changed from becoming an astronaut to becoming a doctor who does charity work on the side to even more elaborate, albeit comparatively tamer, plans of where to study for university and picking out a major that has lesser odds of resulting in unemployment.

  • Signs that you're growing up

    Growing up is the worst. It is quite ironic how going back to the horror of the “what's-happening-to-my-body” phase actually sounds quite appealing once you are well past it. Alas, there is no going back.

  • Marketing lessons to learn from cow salesmen

    When it comes to gaining knowledge about marketing, we draw our attention to the strategies put into play by globally recognised brands and tech giants.

  • Bangladesh University admission test Common Mistakes

    Common mistakes made during admission season

    Thirteen years of school. Two years of college. That is 5475 days of our lives spent trying to get good enough grades to get to a good university, which in turn will get us a good job.

  • Annoying fanbases

    Many fanbases are so bad at being fans that they might make you, a neutral observer, dislike the object of their fixation before you even know what it is. The worst are highlighted below, and I apologise in advance if you find any similarities with your own actions. I didn't want you to find out like this.

  • The fault in our Goodreads reviews

    Take a moment to pick a book, preferably in English. Then, search “*name of your book* review” on Google. One of the very first things you'll see are the ratings on a website called “Goodreads”, the Facebook of books.