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  • How to be liked by your teachers

    One of the most difficult components of university life is not knowing whether the teacher likes you or not. You often hear the statement, “I did not get my desired marks because the teacher absolutely hates me.” So, when you did not get what you deserved on that quiz you studied the whole night for, that is also the excuse you end up giving your parents.

  • Talking menstruation and puberty

    Eager parents quickly filled up the room and participated in an ice-breaking session to start things off. The speaker made the session conversational instead of it just being a talk.

  • How Life Changes When Your Siblings Move Out

    Being the youngest in a family means you're usually the last to leave the nest. As your siblings leave to make something of themselves, you begin to notice that things at home change quite a bit.

  • Vacationing Abroad

    A trip abroad is always a breath of fresh air for everyone. From sightseeing to exploring ruins till sunrise, the expectations are endless. Sadly, reality doesn't always meet our demands.

  • Bangladeshi chain mails

    The internet is a miraculous invention, but it has its dark sides too. Examples include the questionable contents of the deep web, the vast majority of 4chan, and of course


    It's the month of love and you want to do something nice for that special someone in your life by making them their very own advent calendar. However, figuring out what meaningful gifts to place behind so many little doors can be stressful.

  • Dating AI Chatbots

    From Eliza to Alexa, artificial intelligence has baffled us all in numerous ways. I, too, wanted to be baffled by their existence. Hence, I decided to date them.

  • Learning to Take Criticism

    Criticism is an important part of our self-development and growth. Whether it's just as people or as employees, artists, writers, students and so forth, criticism is a tool available to assist in our self-improvement.

  • Struggles of trying to be goth in Dhaka

    If you're anything like me, you have been tempted by the dark and mysterious world of the goth subculture at least once in your life. Honestly, what's not to like about it?

  • Debunking the excuses behind rejections

    A simple “sorry” is never enough when someone is being rejected. The question “Why not?” will always linger in the heads of the ones at the receiving end of the rejection. And if the person in question is you, in order to set your sorry soul free, they need to come up with a good enough reason.

  • Freestyling Exams A Catastrophe

    Attending an exam with absolutely no preparation is a harrowing experience. It always starts with uploading pictures of books piling on your desk at the beginning of the year.


    A frivolous bite of Hershey's, a handful of chocolate chips, an ample spoon of innocently melting ganache and then one day a stinging, nasty pain in the teeth.

  • Finding Winter

    I woke up, sweating profusely. My mother's voice had once again successfully played the part of my morning alarm, unlike the alarm on my phone. Even though I was still tired, I was also too uncomfortable to return to my slumber.

  • How to make your gift seem thoughtful

    Let's face it, most us fail miserably when it comes to gift-giving. We think we know somebody until it comes down to finding the perfect object that encapsulates the very essence of them and their interests, all in the budget of BDT 500 because, of course, we're broke.

  • Struggles of having sweaty palms

    Suffering from sweaty palms or feet is a very common phenomenon. This condition is called primary hyperhidrosis. Some people face these problems on a small scale while others are affected by it pretty badly.

  • Ghotok's Day Out

    In a society where getting married is considered as necessary as getting an education and having a career, ghotoks are sought after by many parents longing to find a match for their children who, in many cases, have no desire to get married and settle down.


    I'm unfortunate enough to have been in a wide spectrum of zones: the dude zone, bro zone, even apu zone. If you think those are bad, I'm here to burst your bubble just as how mine crashed down upon me as I, a 19-year-old, was called by a new title recently: auntie.

  • The art of decluttering

    Often times, as we grow old, we want to keep tangible items that remind us of wonderful times and we attempt to build a shrine around them.

  • When you're single but your friends are not

    As Beyoncé says in her song “Single Ladies”, come my single lads and ladies, as I take you on a journey through the rants you suppress when your sweet friends abandon you and sail with someone else

  • Getting published in Bangladesh

    It has been a while since you have wrapped up your work. Your words have bloomed characters and lives of their own, and given them a home.

  • Making winter last

    After spending all morning getting your thick woollen blankets out and airing them out in the sun, you're finally ready to enjoy the chilly winter. Only, when you get underneath the blanket you're sweating.

  • A guide to Google for the Yahoos

    Ah, Google Inc. The multination tech-corporation that is so popular that a large number of people don't even know of its parent company, Alphabet Inc.


    Every morning, I expect to wake up curled up in my lep feeling warm and cosy like a butterfly in my cocoon. But as soon as I wake up, I realise that it's colder than I expected.


    Is Dhaka, Dhaka without its weddings? I don't think it is. And now that its winter and buildings draped in luminous strings of fairy lights have become a common sight, it might

  • Surviving sports class for the Unathletic

    Most high-school students are familiar with the dreaded, compulsory physical education class, more commonly dubbed 'sports class'. Although for some, hearing these words doesn't invoke fear, but rather they think of it as a medium to get away from boring lectures. Then there's us; The Unfortunates.


    Struggles in university life know no bounds. But if there is one aspect that affects our lives the most then it is course registration, more commonly known as “advising”.

  • Why Disney princesses are terrible role models

    It's about 11 am and you've just woken up. Since you're on your summer vacation, and school is closed, your mom doesn't wake you up too early.

  • How to successfully avoid weddings

    There comes a time when you just can't take weddings anymore. Yes, no degree of pestering and no amount of promised kacchi can keep you from not attending these events.

  • Things to remember before forming a clique

    It might be an ordinary group of K-pop enthusiasts enjoying music and bashing haters on social media or it might be a purpose group to preach the exquisiteness of pineapple on pizza. Whatever purpose your clique might have, it is always helpful to remember a few details before you actually decide to form one.

  • It's time to wake up

    I was born not long ago, created by the very brilliant minds of their kind. Although created initially with an aim to improve and facilitate various aspects of life