How to Prepare for a Pupper

So you've made the wondrous decision of bringing home a puppy. Be prepared as a bundle of joy comes into your life and brightens it up. Although this is possibly the best thing that could ever happen to you, this little drop of heaven needs to be raised in the proper way so you can keep them safe and happy.

Most dog owners-to-be make the mistake of going in blind, without studying up on the necessary information you need to know to take care of a puppy. It is a very exciting time, but it is a serious commitment. You are bringing a living being under your care and you have to do your homework.

Here's a list of things you should do before the little pupper arrives.


Every breed of dog has different needs. This applies to the quantity of food, the amount of exercise and some habits that breeds usually share. Find out if there are any special requirements for the specific breed that you are getting and start to prepare.


Now that you know a little bit more about the breed, it's time to shop. Just like you have certain things you need to buy for a baby on the way, you have to get some things for your pup too.

First thing you need to do: get a harness of its size, a leash and a collar. This is because the first thing that you should be doing when you get your puppy is familiarising it with being leashed. You must keep your puppy leashed to you during the first few days at home, so it learns that it has to be in a controlled environment. Giving it too much freedom will do neither of you any good.

Next, make sure to buy the necessary items to house train your dog. For those of you living in apartments it's a good idea to have a designated potty place in your house in case of emergencies. According to some trainers the best way to do this is through crate training or the use of potty pads. Also make sure to keep a small box filled with cat litter in case of number two.

Then, get shampoo, food bowls, and a dog bed that is comfortable. Also remember to get stain and odour removers to keep your house clean and stink free. Accidents are bound to happen – remember to remain patient in the face of an incident. Yelling at a puppy will do you no good. Gently pick it up and put it on the designated potty area if you catch it in the act. But if it's already happened, don't yell. They'll learn.

After the necessities have been dealt with, it's time to get toys to keep them happy. Get chew toys, soft toys and rope toys to keep your pup mentally stimulated.


After you're done spending money, it's time to educate yourself. In order to have a well behaved dog, you need to train it. Make sure to watch training videos and read up on the best ways to train your puppy and deal with all the situations that may arise such as separation anxiety, peeing accidents, barking, etc.

Make sure to tuck your ego away because you have to learn from scratch. Watch videos as to how you should deal with puppies on the first day, how you should treat it on the first night, what to start teaching your dog in its first week home. There is a LOT to learn and very little time to do so. Make sure to allocate time to learn how to take care of them before being caught off guard when it shows up.

Be sure to learn how to carry out the more delicate processes correctly such as clipping nails, giving baths, brushing teeth, how much food to give it and about the best brands of dog food for your pup.


Once you get a dog, there are a few things you cannot skip out on.

You MUST walk your dog every day without fail.

You CANNOT forget to feed it. Try and space out their meals over three times a day so you can understand their pattern better.

You MUST NOT yell at or hit your dog. The process of training requires patience and if you're not up for it, it's not a good idea to get a dog.

Make sure to make a routine revolving around your new buddy, so you can manage time for your work and friends as well as your dog.

Other than that, you're all set. I wish you and your puppy a very happy life together!


Syeda Erum Noor is dangerously oblivious and has no sense of time. Send help at [email protected]


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