Do shaved legs make you a better cyclist?

Being a pro-cyclist and getting to the top of your game means intense workout sessions and countless hours of practice.

The Problem With Titles

Titles are always catchy, and seemingly informative. We have all previously been guilty of reading the title of an article and at least believing it, if not sharing it.

A day in the life of a K-pop fangirl

I’ve been unceremoniously awoken on a Friday morning by a nightmare. My bias (favourite member of a group) has been rushed to the hospital after an ankle injury.

Studying Abroad: The myths debunked

Get ready to be surprised.

Which O Level essay to write

The creative writing section of the O Level English exam may seem daunting to most people. The ideas need to be extremely original and raw, straight out of the depths of a person’s mind.

Things you can do in a business competition but not in an arranged marriage

The resemblance between the two is uncanny no matter how you think about it. Yet, when you rally all your brain cells together and think deeply enough, you will realise how the two are not so different from one another yet, why one of them might be better than the other.

You're Allowed To Be Stressed - Last Minute HSC Preparation

The most stressful period of my life by far has been the time I sat for my HSC. It was the worst of times, and no, in no way was it the best of times. I sort of scraped through it in 2017, and having had two years to reflect upon (read: recover from) this crazy ordeal, there are a couple of things I'd like to share.

When you have a curfew at home

Although some parents are slightly more lenient than others, most of them are very strict about the curfews they impose on their children. We have all had to deal with curfews and questions like ''Where are you going?

To Seenzone or Un-seenzone

The way we interact with each other has changed and taken many faces in the passing of time. Cavemen wrote on walls and used different sounds that would seem unfathomable to us but somehow made sense to them.

Trends worth starting

Trends have no positive outcomes other than the inflation of egos of the trend followers. Therefore, we should strive to start trends that are in the best interest of the people

Confessions of an online shopping addict

My love for not leaving my bed coupled with my crippling social anxiety has made home delivery my number one go-to for any kind of purchase. Be it food, clothing, or beauty products, you can bet your hopefully-more-active-butt-than-mine that I won't be heading out to physically buy any of it.

Of Spring and Books

“What I say is, a town isn't a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it's got a bookstore, it knows it's not foolin' a soul.” – Neil Gaiman.

Making a Case For the News

Who needs more mundane updates about the world when your own life is stressful enough? Surely a dose of environmental disasters, pictures of one foreign leader shaking hands with another, and news of a Chinese robot mastering yet another task that makes you less valuable as a human being isn't going to lift your spirits at the start of the day.

The silver lining of living with your parents

Growing up we have all glorified the idea of moving out of our parent's homes and into our own abodes. Be it the ban on pets or the rigid

Honest Beauty Pageant Responses

Beauty pageants were always an interesting affair, even before the Miss Bangladesh contest propelled them to national attention.

Struggles of the Mathematically Challenged

I have never been great at math. Let's just get that out of the way. Am I the one who looks around helplessly to friends when the waiter approaches with the bill because I have no clue what my share is?