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  • Umbrella modifications for monsoon

    Ah, monsoon. Who doesn't love free swimming lessons every time you leave your house. Wading through knee-deep brown water is every little boy and girl's dream, and your buddy monsoon has it covered.

  • The Workaholic's Guide to Maintaining Relationships

    Balancing work and play can be quite the challenge for those of us who prefer the former over the latter. The rush that we get from a job well done is quite inexplicable to those who don't hold the same values.

  • An ode to potatoes

    I was inspired to write an ode to potatoes honestly because I am shaped like one. Being potato-shaped, however, is nothing to be ashamed of since when it comes to cooking, potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables out there.

  • Rainy Day - Protocol for Dummies

    Monsoon is here and 'tis officially the season to be poetic, aesthetic, or simply drown in Mirpur. Purchasing a boat for real should be high on your priority list if you want to make it to your appointments on time.

  • Why the closest friends may not be the best teammates

    With competitions or group projects limiting the number of members a team can have, the first decision you have to make and the problem you have to face is deciding who gets into the team and who doesn't.

  • Practicing our emotions

    A few weeks ago, I came across a podcast called “The Science of Happiness”. The host Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology, brought in “happiness guinea pigs” in each episode, which were essentially people who shared their experiences after partaking in one of the practices that the website “Greater Good in Action” had in store.

  • Alternative Compensations

    Whether it's an unpaid internship or just the usual work as a freelancer, people who use such impractical forms of payment or honorarium, always manage to get to our nerves thanks to their weird belief that hard working people will be fine with receiving just the exposure and experience.

  • We should've been taught these in school

    “I knew this would come in handy some day!” I scream in excitement as I whip out my logarithm table in front of my manager to discuss the viability of my project.

  • Interview etiquette you should know

    Getting the call for a job interview is something quite exciting yet frightening at the same time. The call up means that you have the necessary qualifications the employers are looking for, now they just want to choose the best one[s] from the lot.

  • Post Steam Summer Sale Thoughts

    Another year, another summer sale on Steam where our PC gaming overlord Gabe Newell promises us discounts on discounts with our wallets bleeding cash harder than if the economy crashes.