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  • Types of UNO Players

    UNO is a classic card game. You can play it almost anywhere, have a good time with your friends and lose a few of them in the process, courtesy of the notorious “Draw 4 Cards” card.

  • The Big Fat Harrowing Wedding

    I navigate my way through the sweating mass, elbowing pale, faceless figures clad with clanging ornaments. Occasionally, I trip on silky fabrics of a myriad of colours, which triggers a groan from some nasal-voiced aunty or looks of disapproval from moustachioed uncles.

  • The real benefits of tutoring

    Tutoring is no child's play. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication if you're to teach your pupils. Giving your all when it comes to tutoring does have its benefits. In return, you will get to have a lot more than just money.

  • Struggles of being a young artist in Bangladesh

    What could be better than finally completing school and chasing your dream career? Everyone wants to, but sadly that is often not possible.


    People like chocolates. People are like chocolates. When you don't know someone well enough, you might just mistake them for plain milk chocolate, nothing inherently wrong with them, but one dimensional in essence.

  • I went trash free for a day

    The idea behind going trash free is to make a person realise how much unnecessary waste is produced by each of us on a daily basis. A lot of us don't think twice before throwing something into the trash and we almost never think about where our trash ends up.

  • How to annoy your annoying friends

    Because every once in a while, that's the only medicine you can stick to in order to cure the disease. And it's really simple too. All you need to do is observe for a while.

  • Common CV pitfalls

    More often than not, people fret over making their CVs for that perfect first impression. In fact, a lot of people applying to SHOUT as contributors face the trouble of wondering what to put into their CVs or even what it should look like. Here we explore common pitfalls you can avoid.

  • Signs that you are a bad storyteller

    Have you ever tried retelling an amazing story, and realised halfway through that your audience isn't responding to it as you'd hoped? You remember the story captivating you when you heard it, but you've already lost interest in ending it as you look at the expressions of the people around you. What went wrong?

  • Remembering Beyblade

    Rewind time to a decade ago when we had limited access to multimedia entertainment, when most of our schedules were seized by study books and homeworks