Jamaica, NY: A slice of Bangladesh away from it

It was the summer of 2013, I was strolling along Jamaica’s Hillside Avenue and turning my neck every time I was hearing someone utter

Bangladesh’s well-known haats

“Haat-baar” or the weekly/fortnightly bazaars aka market day are a concept enshrined in the fabric of traditional rural Bengal. In the olden times, artisans and traders of various wares would travel from one region to another,

Food fusions Yummy or yucky?

Would you eat shorisha pizza? How about kalabhuna dumpling? Bolognese fuchka? Yes? No? Well that’s where the debate starts. First respectfully, then passionately, and then, in no time, things get out of hand!

Social media trials: Conflicting to the Legal Court Trial?

Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty— this is well-established in criminal law. According to this, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution,

Cox’s Bazar: Ready and waiting for more tourists

Bangladesh’s domestic tourism arguably was born as the beach town of Cox’s Bazar started to be recognised as a holiday destination, and it has been a bustling hub for tourists for many years now.

Mental Health Post COVID-19

Today, the world is quite aware and fluent on the physical symptoms of COVID-19, largely publicised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization).

A pandemic and how it pushed us into the digital age

If you were to tell your mum or dad, even back in 2019, that they would be shopping for groceries, medicine, or be doing their office from home, they would tell you to lay off the lazy man daydreams.

COVID-19 and the misfortunes of artisans in Bangladesh

Late 2019 saw the world face one of its toughest calamities in modern history — a deadly virus that rapidly spread across continents causing a pandemic,

Times change, so must we

In the last two years, we were forced to accept a new way of living. The world as we knew it will possibly never be the same, but as “change is the only constant in life,” we have learned to adapt to this new reality.