The trade-off between school and private

The dilemma arises due to significant structural failures, and in reality, it's a choice only for some.

I hate online classes, here’s why

Technological advancement is not in sync with tech literacy of our teachers.

Group mates you end up with on a computer science project

For anyone majoring in CS or CSE, working on a group project is a rite of passage that they all have to go through.

SSC results at noon today

It is a big day for candidates of SSC and equivalent exams as results of this year’s tests will be available at schools, online and through text messages around noon today. .Prof Tapan Kumar Sarker, chief of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, said chairpersons of all boards

Opinion / Our education system needs to deal with sectarianism better

Communal and nationalistic expressions in our education system are not uncommon.

Z-library banned, students in a frenzy

On November 4, domain names of Z-Library, the website which claimed to be the world’s largest ebook library, were seized by the US Department of Justice. 

Private Universities have a crowding problem

The students have a clear demand, "Take less or make space."

Reality of private university, cross border higher education

Higher education under private arrangement started its journey in Bangladesh in 1992 under the Private University Act 1992.

Brac University navigating through the Covid-19 pandemic

It was during my first trip to Dhaka in 2019 that my seatmate was curious how and why I want to live and work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And yes, it is a unique choice for a foreigner. I’m not sure if I would have gone knowing a pandemic was going to break out. Let alone deciding to stay during a pandemic. Looking back now, would I do it all again? Without a doubt, yes!

World Teachers’ Day: Time to rethink teaching to salvage our education

Does Bangladesh education need salvaging? The official narrative is equivocal. Most young children are in primary school. The system has expanded to comprise 40 million students, over 200,000 institutions, and over a million teachers. Girls and boys are equally enrolled in schools, a feat not achieved by many developing countries. We do need to work more on improving quality. So why is the despair?

So, you want to kill the university?

When the lockdown was imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, I shifted to online teaching at a university here in Dhaka.

When and how can schools reopen?

On June 14, the ministry of education extended school closure, imposed on March 18 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to August 6. Earlier, the prime minister had said the closure may continue to September.

Public universities need ICT infrastructure, not more buildings

Our public universities are mostly engaged in building buildings. I mean concrete buildings! Even when a simple structure such as a bus stop is built in our universities, we see structures and designs with an abundance of rod and cement.

To go or not to go online?

As my students entered the exam hall, their faces were a tad bit more tense than usual. I was nervous myself. I would finally find out whether our efforts to make the course different had been a whopping failure.

Education crisis will be more severe after reopening of schools

The government has decided to keep all educational institutions closed until June 15. Earlier, the PM said that schools might remain closed till September, if the situation did not improve. If schools remain closed for a long period, how will it impact our primary education sector?

How education can continue in this time of crisis

In an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus infection, all educational institutions were ordered shut from March 18 to 31. Now it has been extended to April 9;

Cohesive education is key to continued development

From being dismissed as a “basket case” at birth to being hailed as a “development surprise” for some years now, there are few parallels to the Bangladeshi development success story thus far.

Central admission tests: Turning the wheels too hastily?

The idea of the proposed central admission tests in public universities has been promoted as a fairer, inexpensive alternative to the existing system of university entry.

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