The trade-off between school and private

The dilemma arises due to significant structural failures, and in reality, it's a choice only for some.

I hate online classes, here’s why

Technological advancement is not in sync with tech literacy of our teachers.

Group mates you end up with on a computer science project

For anyone majoring in CS or CSE, working on a group project is a rite of passage that they all have to go through.

SSC results at noon today

It is a big day for candidates of SSC and equivalent exams as results of this year’s tests will be available at schools, online and through text messages around noon today. .Prof Tapan Kumar Sarker, chief of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, said chairpersons of all boards

Opinion / Our education system needs to deal with sectarianism better

Communal and nationalistic expressions in our education system are not uncommon.

Z-library banned, students in a frenzy

On November 4, domain names of Z-Library, the website which claimed to be the world’s largest ebook library, were seized by the US Department of Justice. 

Private Universities have a crowding problem

The students have a clear demand, "Take less or make space."

Reality of private university, cross border higher education

Higher education under private arrangement started its journey in Bangladesh in 1992 under the Private University Act 1992.

A timely decision on higher education

Finally, a breath of fresh air—winds blowing through the higher stratosphere are causing some thought clouds to loosen up and shower good news on higher education.

The diploma disease of higher education

The hono-urable president of the country has been sounding the bell of alarm regarding the state of our higher education, with his recent comments at a convocation event on how “we do not want certificate-based higher education” and that teachers need to “play a more prompt, sincere and meaningful role in the acquisition, rearing, practice and distribution of knowledge.

Towards a new paradigm

There is no doubt that Bangladesh suffers from the trap of low learning, and a key element of this is the lack of qualified teachers.

Academia’s global standing: The research imperative

Recently an M Phil student, studying service management of hospital patients, emailed: “Sir, I am doing descriptive type of cross-sectional study and I am not testing any hypothesis.

Was it the right decision?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has circulated a directive to public universities recently to close all evening degree programmes. It is a populist move, made without consultation with stakeholders.

Assessment in university courses must be innovative, realistic and relevant

Assess-ment of student learning in a course, in general, is interpreted as a means to evaluate the attainment of the course content

High stake exams for children

Issuing a suo moto rule on November 20, the High Court questioned the legality of the expulsion of children from Primary Education Completion Examination (PECE) and its madrasa equivalent Ebtedayee terminal examinations.

The learning crisis requires a new approach

For most children, turning 10 is an exciting moment. They’re learning more about the world and expanding their horizons. But too many children—more than half of all 10-year-olds in low- and middle-income countries—cannot read and understand a simple story.

Setting our priorities straight

When job seekers look for new employees, they need a system to filter out the best candidates. Indicators of potential or skill are a key component.

Just being brilliant is not enough

In general, the top meritorious students of our country study science in higher secondary school after passing the secondary school final examination.