Training aircraft crashes in Rajshahi, none injured

Photo: Star

A training aircraft of the Rajshahi-based Galaxy Flying Academy Limited crashed while hard landing at Shah Makhdum Airport this afternoon.

The academy's chief pilot Captain Moshiur Rahman and a trainee Raihan Gafur, who were on board, managed to come out unhurt, the airport manager Dilara Khatun said.

"They are safe and unhurt," she said.

The crash occurred at 3:06pm when the flight, a Cessna 152 aircraft of S2-AFK model hard landed on the northern part of the runway, she said.

The nose wheels broke, creating an alarming sound, and then the aircraft's right side landing gear broke, our Rajshahi Staff Correspondent reports, quoting the airport manager.

The plane crashed at a corner of the runway.

The airport remained closed for over one and half hours following the accident.

The airport authorities cleared the runway at 4:45pm, the airport manager added.


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