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Building a career in the development sector: Essential know-hows

Aspirants must build themselves from the ground up to secure jobs and make the most of their potential in the development sector.

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Things to know before getting a credit card

Whether you are a student, a full-time employee or an entrepreneur, knowing the basics of a credit card before getting one will save you from a lot of hassle.

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Building a career in academia: things to know

Academia is a diverse field, and each niche requires a unique specialisation. Here some crucial things to know beforehand.

Brushing up your CV: What postgraduates need to know

The postgraduate job market is very competitive. To stand out and get your desired job as a postgraduate, your CV is one of the most crucial elements.

Brushing up your CV: What fresh graduates need to know

Completing undergraduate studies is a mixed bag for most. It is a feeling of great pleasure that they have completed a significant degree, while it is also a feeling of stress now that they have to start a new journey altogether in a workplace.

Brain training apps as your go-to pastime activity: Here are our top picks

Even a few years ago, brain training apps were not as popular as they are now. With time, we became more conscious of our priorities.

Quality enhancement in higher education needs to be ensured to create better opportunities

Higher education globally has been going through dramatic changes in the last decade and that is no different in Bangladesh.

Three Must-Haves When Considering A Business Pivot – They’re Not What You Think

With nearly 400 million users as of 2021, Twitter has a reputation as one of the most outstanding business pivots in global history. It started as Odeo, a platform for podcast subscriptions. Eventually, Odeo got threatened by the success of Apple’s iTunes and out of fear of going under, the company took an entirely different direction – a micro-blogging application for random, business, and life updates. Now with a net worth of $40 billion, Twitter’s pivot turned out to be a huge success.

Looking out for our mental well-being in the digital era

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the internet, automation and robotics are a part of our reality. In many cases, they are deeper than reality. There is still ongoing debate about whether the internet is involved in our lives, or if we are stuck in a digital cycle. How can one find an escape from this loop?

Four strategies to facilitate learning at jobs

The world has seen unprecedented changes in the adoption of different workplace policies quite recently, making learning at jobs imperative for all.

Looking for team collaboration apps? Here are our top picks

From making sure everyone in the company is on the same page, to keep things organised to enhance productivity, having good team collaboration apps is a must for any company that values efficiency.

Listen actively, respond appropriately

Active listening is a process through which an individual secures information from other individuals or groups. Listening actively requires paying attention to what’s being said, while not interrupting the speaker and understanding the context entirely. The “active” aspect, however, requires some extra steps to complete the process of effective communication.