2021, a violent year for women

Mahila Parishad, BNWLA reports paint grim picture

A total of 3,703 incidents of torture and sexual violence against children and women took place across the country between January and December 2021, revealed a report of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad yesterday.

Of them, 1,235 women were raped, including 179, who were gang-raped. In addition, 629 girls were raped, while 62 girls were gang-raped within this period. The women's rights organisation made the report citing data collected from reports published in 13 national newspapers.

Another 155 women, including 93 girls, faced rape attempts in the past year, while 31 women and girls (22 girls) were murdered after rape, and seven died by suicide after the incidents.

Besides, 95 women and girls faced other forms of sexual violence in this period.

In 2021, 22 women, including five girls, were subjected to acid attacks, while four of them died due to the attacks; another 180, including 153, girls were subjected to abduction, and 42 were subjected to trafficking.

A total of 444 women, including 114 children, were killed for various reasons. At least 138 women and girls were tortured for dowry, while 45 of them were killed for dowry.

Besides, 208 women, including girls, also faced physical violence in 2021, while 427 women, including 131 girls, died mysteriously in the past year.

At least 327 child marriages took place last year, the statement also mentioned.

Meanwhile, a report of Bangladesh National Women Lawyer's Association (BNWLA) found that 2,588 incidents of torture and sexual violence against  women and girls took place across the country last year. Advocate Zubaida Parvin, general secretary of BNWLA, revealed this in  a press conference at the capital's National Press Club yesterday.


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