Gazipur election

Zaida vows to complete her son’s unfinished work

Mayor-elect also says she’ll collaborate with everyone for the city’s development

Mayor-elect of Gazipur City Corporation, Zaida Khatun, yesterday stated that she would collaborate with everyone to complete the unfinished development projects initiated by her son during his tenure as mayor.

Speaking at a briefing held at her residence in Chhoydana area, three hours after being unofficially declared the winner of the Gazipur polls, Zaida expressed her willingness to seek advice from Awami League mayoral candidate Azmat Ullah for the city's development. She emphasised that she could not accomplish the work alone and would welcome input from all parties involved.

Zaida conveyed her gratitude to the Prime Minister, saying, "Congratulations to everyone, including Sheikh Hasina. I am thankful to her. The voting process was conducted fairly, and I am particularly grateful for the support I received." She dedicated her victory to the people of Gazipur and expressed her gratitude to the prime minister.

During the press conference, Zaida's son and former GCC mayor Zahangir Alam, was sitting beside her, just like he guided her throughout the electoral campaign.

Zahangir stated, "With the assistance of the prime minister and the cooperation of everyone, we will strive to complete all the work in the city."

He expressed his appreciation to the Election Commission, the government, and the administration for conducting a free and fair election in Gazipur.

Meanwhile, Azmat Ullah Khan accepted the outcome of the polls. While speaking to reporters, he acknowledged that there were some issues with the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), resulting in many people being unable to cast their votes. However, he stated, "I accept the results and extend my congratulations to the winner."

Azmat called everyone to abandon the culture of rejecting the election results after a defeat.

Zaida, the mother of suspended mayor Zahangir Alam, emerged victorious in Thursday's polls, defeating Azmat Ullah by a margin of 16,197 votes.