Star Wedding Celebrations

Gerbera daisies, coral roses, bear grass and mini carnations, wrapped up in beige, satin ribbon; exquisite floral arrangements - such as these are bound to make any bride giddy and all keyed up for the main day.

Wedding Planner

There's only 30 days left, till the beginning of a range of occasions. There is no more time for indolence; things must be put into place, right now. Begin by creating a well-rounded to-do list for yourself. This can be done on an excel sheet or a piece of paper. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep enough space to incorporate new ideas that would emerge as you go.

The honeymoon

There are some couples who choose to forego their honeymoon in favour of saving up for their future. Nonetheless, the honeymoon, it seems, is the first thing that would-be couples decide on before they even decide on the menu for their wedding.


It is one of the most important days in a person's life; a day when many dreams come true for many men and women. Naturally,


A person's life is a treasure trove of memories. Little pearls of special moments string together and make a beautiful collection that brings smile to our face when we are grey and ancient.

BRIDAL BEAUTY queries sorted!

First things first: every bride needs to have a clear idea in her mind about the kind of look she wants for each successive event. Extensive

My Small Thin Deshi Wedding

The era of big fat weddings is finally coming to a close. The millennials are facing the brunt of rising living costs whilst economic

THE GROOM -to-be

The groom is the next best thing about a wedding, the prince charming who managed to sweep the said bride off her feet and gave everyone a reason to celebrate. Therefore, his importance to the event cannot be overstated!

The Modern Groom

The engagement ceremony is the beginning of all festivities. Depending on the season and time of the day, a sharply cut suit can be a great option.

Star Weddings Portfolio

As children, we were awed by weddings. The whole affair of our relatives getting married and elder siblings and cousins playing an


Before the Big Day comes around, do not worry if you already find your nerves shot and the preliminary jitters set in. A wedding is a big

Wedding cards and invitation ideas

Wedding invitations are not really that important - said no bride, ever!

When Radisson Blu stands out

Tying the knot with your significant other brings a lot of responsibility into limelight without the added pressure of choosing an ideal

The Walk of Style and Comfort

Rummaging through my sister's wedding photo album, I noticed how she cleverly selected different shoes for each of her 'special' looks. Her shoes complemented the dresses and jewellery, further accentuating the appearance.

The Head Table You Desire

Considering you are the parent of a bride-to-be or a hopeful groom, it is imperative that you take care of the wedding decorations.