One stop care with Mimosa organic solutions

Are you exhausted trying out a gazillion drugstore products that just don't seem to work? If you're someone with sensitive skin, the nightmare of finding the right skincare products that won't cause an allergic reaction is well-known. Instead, why not go organic? Providing homemade solutions to your everyday skin and hair problems, Mimosa Organic Solution brings you a wide range of products to undo the disastrous effects of the pollution of the city.

"My journey as an entrepreneur started when I realised that most women have the same problems when it comes to their hair and skin. Off the rack products are often inadequate (sometimes even harmful) when it comes to dealing with the extensive damage Dhaka's pollution causes. So, as I researched to solve my own skin problems, I realised that I wanted to share my findings with the rest of the world. That was the start of Mimosa Organic Solution," says Monira Rahman, founder and chief executive officer of Mimosa Organic Solution.

A fine mixture of rich ingredients such as cocoa, essential oils and various vitamins, the Mimosa Face and Body Butter is one of their bestsellers, so for those who crave a healthy glowing skin, look no further! Ideal for keeping your skin moisturised throughout the day, this moisturiser also prevents ageing and wrinkles. For extra care of your hands or feet, try the Mimosa Hand and Feet Care. With honey as the main ingredient, this cream softens your hands and feet, and works wonders on tough patches.

For the busy urbanites who don't have time for a thorough skincare routine, the Mimosa Skin cleanser is the perfect go-to product! From ingredients such as oats, sea salt, basil, mimosa to lemon and orange, this product cleanses, brightens, and exfoliates your skin for a soft supple finish. Whether it's blackheads, whiteheads or blemishes that you're worried about, this cleanser has got you covered.

A hot favourite among women, Mimosa hair solution consists of a mixture of different oils and herbs. From stimulating hair growth to taking care of split ends, this hair solution does it all. Including various proteins, it is also ideal for scalp treatment, especially for reducing dandruff. Apply this at least once a week, and say hello to soft smooth hair!

"Here at Mimosa, we understand that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Our products are strictly organic, and only the best ingredients are used so that there are no side effects. We also take pre-orders for tightening products and brighteners. In fact, we plan on introducing more products in the future," explains Monira.

Its products like these that become a woman's godsend, especially when you consider that the modern urban woman is getting busier and busier. Plus, the shift to organic elements means that not only are you being revitalised, you are doing it while being environmentally friendly, and that's a win-win for everyone.


By Adiba Mahbub Proma


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