Attitude of gratitude

In a state of gratitude, our brain releases dopamine, which makes us feel good. When you are feeling grumpy, the quickest way to change your mood is to say, Thank You! 

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude reduces stress and improves your health. It is important to say thank you, to God, or the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, because by saying thank you, you are reminding yourself of how fortunate you are.  

The Dalai Lama says gratitude and compassion are the keys to happiness.  

Here are four ways to nurture an attitude of gratitude in your family.


Every day, write down ten things you are grateful for. After a week, you will probably find your list exceeds ten on a regular basis. Maintaining a journal in general is a good habit; journaling gratitude encourages you to reflect on your blessings regularly.

List of blessings

This is a list you can keep in your purse and refer to whenever you need. The list is endless. Go ahead and just make one. Keep it somewhere visible so you can meditate on it whenever you want.

Gratitude rituals

Its easiest to be consciously grateful if you combine your thanksgiving with other regular activities till it becomes a part of your routine and your nature. Rattle off five things you are grateful for before every meal, before you go to bed, every time you get in a car, every time you brush your teeth, etc. 

Anchoring gratitude

Pick 10 images that encapsulate memories or relationships or blessings you are grateful for and anchor each on a finger. Whenever you are stressed out, touch each fingertip and recall those images. With time, you will not even need to think of the image ... just touching your fingertips will release endorphins and make you feel better.


To learn other techniques to stay happy, check out Intentional Smile: A Girl's Guide to Positivity, written by Shazia Omar and Merrill Khan, illustrated by Lara Salam.  This book can be ordered online at Facebook/BookwormBangladesh.

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